Black Natural Hair: The Natural Mandate

In light of President Barack Obama’s recent inauguration and the celebration of the historical life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I began to think and wonder, more specifically about how far we’ve come. I started to daydream about the battles fought over racism, the movements which occured for the rights of women, and the various issues our nation has faced, fought against, and changed for the better of its people.  From there the following proposal was birthed:  What if being natural was a mandate? What if there was a law which stated that any black (or African American) woman living in the United States would be required to wear her hair in its natural state?  Oh my what an uproar there would be!  Or would it….??  Before you get all political on me, let’s say this mandate is being implemented with the intentions of saving womens’ hair and promoting an environment of self-love and appreciation for our natural tresses; a mandate which is designed to help natural women take pride in who they are and the tresses they adorn.

I have quite a wild imagination, but I can’t fathom the extent of the impact this would have on our community.  I can, however, use my knowledge, experiences, and creativity to conjur up a few outcomes of such a movement.  I imagine that every natural would be just as happy to be nappy as she’s ever been.  Not that she needs validation that her natural is something awesome to love and embrace, but this would probably reassure that the decision she made long ago (or recenly for some) was the right one. Kinda like, “Wooo, I’m already natural…winning!!”.  I assume that most naturals would accept this mandate like they accept that the sky is blue–it goes without saying and there’s no need to debate about it.  On the other hand, I can almost gaurantee we’d have a plethora of women, who have chosen not to be natural for whatever reason, who would without a doubt, cause pandemonium.  I’m talking about Michael Jackson concert, screaming, and passing out type of pandemonium.  This is one battle they would not go into without a serious fight!  I can see it now–riots, bar fights, protests, marches, sit-ins, creamy crack withdrawals, picketing, and other acts of rebellion–all for the abhor of natural hair.

So I ask: Is it really THAT serious?!  How would you feel if such a law were imposed by the government? Would you cooperate or rebell?  Would you feel like your life were over if such a mandate were imposed?  Think about your pre-natural life and the attitude you had towards natural hair and relaxers.  Would you think twice or three times about being natural? Tell SistersWithBeauty what was racing through your mind as you read the crazy things your resident blogger can sometimes come up with.


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