#52DayInspiration: Dancing Out of The Storm

52dayinspiration#52DayInspiration was founded while I was entering the threshold of my own storm. No, I wasn’t okay, yes I was seeking counsel, and nothing was truly working at the time. I started to become reclusive, folded in, didn’t want to really talk to anyone. #ButGod wasn’t having it. Little did I know I was going to attend an event that was set up to inspire me And a few others along the way.

Bold & Fearless hosted their monthly Bold & Fearless Friday event. This event was established to bring women together and highlight a speaker to further encourage networking and sisterhood. I attended not thinking I was going to get much out of it. Truth be told I was hungry as hell, had a headache, and just wanted to stay in my bed. I’m thankful I didn’t, I ended up listening to an amazing life story from Mocha Ochoa Nana on “I Almost Gave UP”. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. Her message was clear and in the end she just kept saying “It’s just that simple”. I wanted to believe Butterfly Mocha, she had so much conviction when she talked to me. I needed that, I needed to see it because in a storm you could easily forgot what it looks like to be an inspiration.

Before leaving the event, I purchased the B&F QuoteCards; a stack of 52 cards that were created just to remind you how POWERFUL you are. After picking the first card out of the stack while driving home from the event, I heard a small voice say, “share this message with many”. And so I did. In the mist of my storm, I decided to share each card on Periscope. I didn’t know what I was doing and why I was choosing to talk about these cards as opposed to getting on the Periscope and discuss natural hair. All I knew at that moment in my NoahAssignment was I was being pushed into an uncomfortable space to finally talk about more than just…Hair.

Many won’t show you their face while in a storm, others will hide and put on a face like everything is ok. I choose to leverage my voice and my platform to grow bigger wings and encourage others who have stumbled upon a transition in their life. Today you get to choose to stand, dance, or walk out of your storm. Right now, I’m dancing with an exit strategy to walk out. Taking these days one #52DayInspiration at a time has been helping me and others who have been faithfully joining the Periscope.

I welcome you to #52DayInspiration and invite you to join in on the conversation. There is beauty in inspiration. This journey is about a new level of your beauty; leaning on things that are inspirational and have the ability to inspire many who come across its path.

Butterflies UP!!


  • Amani

    This was an awesome read. Thanks for sharing. How can I follow you on periscope?

    • Thanks for reading Butterfly.. you can follow us on Periscope @SisWithBeauty and catch all of the #52DayInspiration..:)