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#OhMyCrochet Q&A

#BeautyInHair: #OhMyCrochet Get My Hair Details

#OhMyCrochet is all I can say when I do a masterful install. Sometimes I have to step back and say #OhMYCrochet real loud like 5 times, only getting louder and hyper every time. Yes, I’m ridiculous and crazy but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I’ve made it […]

Beauty in Hair: Crochet Braid Install Like a Pro Tips & Review New Hair

I put my hair away as the seasons begin to change, but this time I’m early and for good reason, I’m way too busy to wait on the cold. I decided to finally BREAKDOWN and try the CurlKalon brand, this is mainly due to my Blogger sister Bernetta Style swearing by them. I knew it was finally […]

The Secrets to Wearing Crochet Braids with Marley Hair Special Offer

Thanks for Signing up for The Secrets to Wearing Crochet Braids with Marley Hair You’ll receive a confirmation via email within the next few minutes. As a special thanks, I would like to offer you  125 Natural HairStyle Tutorials  for $19.99 Special Offer $12 for a limited time ONLY No More Wasting Time on YouTube! Get […]

Crochet Braids w/Marley Hair Lessons and Tips

Who’s ready for a break? I needed a break as the winter approached and my want to have my hands in my hair faded. After I accomplished the Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Style Crochet Braid w/Marley Hair video, I knew there were far too many lessons and tips out there to be shared. I couldn’t let […]

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Style: Crochet braids w/Marley Hair Sneak Peek

You don’t want to miss the chance to see this video. Sign up for the SWB Exclusives and see the newest style in these curly streets. Sign up is simple and quick. You’ll not only receive viewing for the Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Style: Crochet braids w/Marley Hair Sneak Peek ..BUT you’ll also get a FREE […]

If You’re Reading This: I’m Already On Vacation

VA-CA-TION: noun; pronounced: Vay-Kay-Shun An extended period of recreation, rest, relaxation, normally spent abroad, local or on an island, Needed if you haven’t taken one since 2009 Not an excuse to do more work while away Required if you’re a human being Known to come up in conversation when people want to get away from the ones […]

Montego Jumbo Twist Pictorial

Amount of hair used:  2.5 packs (keep in mind I only have hair to cover on the top. If you’re doing an entire head of hair use 4.5 packs. Crochet Braid Pattern: see Crochet Install Template Below Hair Details: Havana Mambo Twist Hair To purchase hair click here. Hair Styles: The hair is very flexible and […]

Welcome LadyClipper Client

Welcome to SistersWithBeauty. You’re one of LadyClipper’s clients so that means you’ve been sent here for information on how to maintain your hair, or possibly what products you should use. I’m here to help you and make navigating the SistersWithBeauty website easy. I’ve provided quick links below so you can get the information that you need. Learn […]


The NEW YEAR LOOK is out there doing what it is doing on timelines from Facebook to the Twitters, and you already know how I feel about Instagram. I’ve been waiting over a week to lay this look upon you so thank you for liking it enough to visit and get more details. Let’s get […]