AfroPunk: My Top Hottest Beauty in Hair~Fashion~Inspiration Picks

afroAll of the cool kids gathered at #AfroPunk2015. I guess I need to turn my cool kids card because I was in DC, looking stuck, stalking the #Afropunk tag but cleverly getting my #LIGHT. The Hair~Fashion~Inspiration was rampent and down right so pleasantly disrespectful to my IG timeline. It was exactly what I needed to see, and only wished I could have experienced it up close. As I close my eyes and say “I’m so there, next year”, I won’t sit here and act like I’m not about to drop my TOP Hottest Hair~Fashion~Inspiration looks from AfroPunk2015. So let’s get started.

Before I kick it off officially, you might be a little lost, confused, and wondering what #AfroPunk is all about.

AFROPUNK: music, film, skate, and most importantly, the fiercely independent and influential individuals that are the lifeblood of the AP community                                                                          

So let’s get to these looks… I’ll tell you exactly what area of beauty the capture hit me in. There is beauty in Hair~Fashion~Inspiration, and these are my top picks.

See my Top AfroPunk Picks HERE

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