5 Lessons We Learned From Shea Moisture

Running a business has its challenges. Every day small businesses make decisions about what to do, how to do it, and what sacrifices to make next? All in hopes that their dreams will result in influence, profit and growth. The biggest challenge in a growing business can simply be that, growing while in many ways […]

Welcome to SINGLE | FREE & BLACK

I think we need to celebrate being SINGLE, FREE & BLACK, more. If  you are one that does, it seems as if we are all talking too low, celebrating in silence, or being drowned out completely.  I sat back wondering why my lifestyle wasn’t heavily represented online and it seems I’m part of the problem. […]

V A L E N T I N E S DAY| For Single Girls

V A L E N T I N E ‘S DAY | Celebration for couples, significant others, married, engaged, kicking it, and it’s complicated people. vs. G A L E N T I N E ‘S  DAY | Celebration for single women…OH SNAP! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, just waiting to hurt someone’s feelings, […]

B R A I D S | Shani Crowe Style & Poetry

My entire world shifted; all I could see was braids and yellow.  I sat frozen looking at curved lines, swirls and thoughtful posing. Butterfly Shani Crowe had just released new photos from the BRAIDS project. Every capture was phenomenal and timeless. I felt like I was looking through each woman, feeling her struggles, triumphs, pain, and happiness. I had fallen in love […]

B L A C K | HISTORY MONTH Google Search Challenge

It’s Black History Month and I think we are beyond the time to start a new tradition. For the next 28 days we will share people, events, and moments in our history.  We’ve done extraordinary things, we’ve gone through some of the most trying of times, and had moments that have shaped what our world […]

#MyButterflyTransition | Pass the Sisters Scope Party REPLAYS

#MyButterflyTransition Pass the Sisters Scope Party REPLAYS When you least expect it, FEAR | DOUBT & SELF-SABOTAGE can hinder everything you set out to do this year. These amazing Butterflies joined the lineup and shared their FEAR | DOUBT & SELF-SABOTAGE to a welcoming and highly engaged audience. No one can afford to be silent in […]

C E L E B R A T E | Martin Luther King Jr. Day

SWB Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr: In His Own Words Feb 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr, presented Drum Major Instinct in front of a congregation. The sermon was meant to downplay his achievements and only highlight his life work to do right. I found this sermon compelling, emotional, and transparent to the way a man […]

5 R E A S O N S | To Attend Black Love Experience

February kicks off Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and Black Love Experience. The gem hosing this event is Nubian Hueman Boutique, located in Anacostia Arts Center. The initial plans of Black Love Experience began as a way to generate sales but as planning kicked off, the impact of  so many creatives being under one roof was undeniable, it was bigger […]

P U R G E | 7 Types of People That Must Go Before The New Year

P U R G E | To discard, trash, or get rid of. If you’re like the entire world, you are counting down the days until the New Year. As the old year ends and the new year approaches don’t celebrate before you’ve purged the people who can’t go into the New Year with you. […]

V I S I O N BOARD | Great Day Washington Press

Great Day Washington Vision Board Feature! I got a chance to spend the morning with Great Day Washington (WUSA9) as we countdown the days until VisionCon2016. The conference put on by the ladies of Thrive Lounge, has already gotten a chance to enter the homes of thousands of live watchers. Today we talked about the […]