B L A C K | HISTORY MONTH Google Search Challenge

It’s Black History Month and I think we are beyond the time to start a new tradition. For the next 28 days we will share people, events, and moments in our history.  We’ve done extraordinary things, we’ve gone through some of the most trying of times, and had moments that have shaped what our world looks like today, but how do we know if we are not talking about them or simply mentioning their names?

This year we are challenging you to join our Black History Month Google Challenge. For the next 28 days, we will share a photo on social media, this photo will include a person, fact, or moment in time that you google to learn more about. We go to Google for everything, anything, even many times nothing, but what about going for the next 28 days for something enlightening?

I pulled my findings while reading Freedom: A Photographic History of The African-American Struggle by Manning Marable and Leigh Mullings. As I turned the pages, I became encouraged to change-up how we do Black History Month. In past years we’ve giving out information that we should have been encouraging you to seek on your own. Sharing the first picture today made me realize, we all can go deeper into our understanding and knowledge. Will you join us?

All photos will be posted on the SistersWithBeauty Instagram everyday. Be sure to follow SWB and get ready for your morning Black History Google Search.

If you want to get a head start on some we will be posting, check out the photos below: