B R A I D S | Shani Crowe Style & Poetry

My entire world shifted; all I could see was braids and yellow. 

I sat frozen looking at curved lines, swirls and thoughtful posing. Butterfly Shani Crowe had just released new photos from the BRAIDS project. Every capture was phenomenal and timeless. I felt like I was looking through each woman, feeling her struggles, triumphs, pain, and happiness. I had fallen in love with hair all over again. There was something about the BRAID project that pulled at the secret poet in me, calling me to write out my own struggle, triumphs, and happiness. 

My life in front of me-I fade further from my own existence. 

Living, is so near, but still a constant enemy.

Choose to stand beside the sun, letting it reign down my melanin glaze and past the part of me that is broken.

I am being restored.

The eyes don’t hide from you, I am here to please

Doing tricks from ropes hanging from the trees…tangled between your hands while slowing wrapping my way around your heart

You only fail when you don’t know my secrets.

I am the design you’ve been seeking, the reflection of the woman you’ve prayed for. 

I am she.




Bundes, batches, patches are sold

Couldn’t grow it as a child but wait til you get old

You’ll buy and trade, weaves for waves all day never having to pay

The real cost of wearing your own. Rocking what she be when she not wearing me.

Authentically unapologetically living in truth…

That’s what my black looks like.

Smile and make me feel better about treating you like less than gold..

Americas Apology

Inspiration comes from motivation. 

Being moved by Butterfly Shani’s BRAIDS project reminded me motivation can move mountains within us all. Each poem flowed naturally, as if it was writing itself. I’m so happy to come across creatives like this, each style was perfectly executed and showed real meaning behind the finish. I want to be a Butterfly on the wall in the same room during her next project, just feel like that would be electrifying.

Check out the rest of her images from the project by following her Instagram page Crowezilla

I pray something today touches you as these captures did for me. If it does allow it to move through you and tell at least 5 people, us creatives need eyes to stay alive. 

Yours in Beauty,

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