Beauty in Inspiration: #GetYourLIGHT

#GetYourLIGHT: You Were Created in His IMAGE 

Light is one of the only ways to down out darkness 

When you look at your life there are only two teams you can play for, #TeamLIGHT or #TeamDARKNESS. I don't know about you but I choose LIGHT, why? Because God loves there. The only thing darkness can do is consume itself and you in it. You are lead by the light to get it, grab it, hold on tight to it. 

As I battled my own life challenges, I was drawn more and more to things like the Bold and Fearless #QuoteCards that really spoke to me. After sharing them with the #Periscope followers that have truly become #ScopeFam, the phrase rolled out of my mouth like it was meant to be there. 

I created #GetYourLIGHT T-Shirt because sometime in our lives we've all been in darkness and know all too well what it looks like to remain there. Today, you get to choose, light vs. darkness and which one you will promote all the days of your life. Rocking this shirt will give others permission to be their own LIGHT..

Special Note: The #GetYourLight T-Shirt is a part of the Beauty In Inspiration section of SWB. 


There is Beauty in Inspiration. #GetYourLight T-shirt was created to inspire you to be your light and give others permission to do the same. The only thing that can drown out darkness is you but first you must GetYOURLIGHT.