5 R E A S O N S | To Attend Black Love Experience

February kicks off Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and Black Love Experience. The gem hosing this event is Nubian Hueman Boutique, located in Anacostia Arts Center. The initial plans of Black Love Experience began as a way to generate sales but as planning kicked off, the impact of  so many creatives being under one roof was undeniable, it was bigger than any sales quotas.

The Black Love Experience is a conglomerate of artistry and inventiveness geared towards natives, revolutionaries, travelers, and fearless visionaries featuring performance artists, visual artists, independent creatives, entrepreneurs, and kindred souls under the canopy of all things Black.

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I was once told “the only people who can talk about the game are the ones playing in it.” During the first Black Love Experience, I attended as media and had the time of my life. Attending the first, second, and now the upcoming third event will prove to keep me in the running as someone who’s been there since inception. I’ve seen the event grow and know this year the Nubian Hueman team is working even harder to bring in more surprises. But you can’t just take my word for it, I want to tell you 5 Reasons to Attend Black Love Experience:

#1: It’s the Chocolate City Reincarnated

Washington, DC was known as the Chocolate City at one time, but has become a bit of a washed out beige existence of itself. Thanks to Gentrification, neighborhoods from SE to NW continue to change, taking on a new form of community and inclusion. Black Love Experience brings out the melanin in mass proportions and I’m here for it, even if it’s only or one night.


#2: Each year gets better

Every year the event gets bigger, the experience goes deeper, and the people get realer. I’m still at a loss at the amount of people the event brought out last year, 1000+. This year is no exception, partnering with West Elm to bring a living space experience to the vending area. More performing artist and live painting sessions among many other plans they are not even releasing yet. Attendees are kept on their toes by every plan being infused into this event.

#2: Attracts authentic people

I’ve met new poets, local artist, amazing entrepreneurs, and just all around dope people. The event pulls out a who’s who and who’s down for brown and no one in the building is unaware of the power they possess. Nubian Hueman’s clientele is a huge part of the authentic vibe of this event. Any day of the week I’ve popped into the boutique and stayed way past my expected time just because of the good vibes and open door policy. You know what they say about real, it recognizes real.


#3: Vendors are chosen by The Committee

Black Love Experience is not about flea market vending. Careful selection has been added to ensure the vendors are not in conflict with one another. But the real aspect is the vendors have to sell tickets. Which means there is a built-in community and want for the event to be successful from all parties. Vendors are campaigning for sponsors so the spot they hold has been paid for by people who actually want to see them in the event. That’s just dope.


#4: Mecca for Poets, Artist, and Creatives

This is where all of the poets, artists, musicians, and creatives gather. If you want to know of a person, or see them in real life, come to Black Love Experience. Want to see real life art being created, come to Black Love Experience. Need to hear poetry unlike no other poetry around? Come to Black Love Experience. Thirsty for live performances, come to Black Love Experience. The event is the mecca for all things creative.


#5: SistersWithBeauty Will Be There

Being a fan of the event for the last two years, has only increased the want to be a part of the Black Love Experience family. When we received the official selection news, it felt like Christmas. It is an honor to share space and time with such inspirational creatives. As I told you in #3, vendors must sell 15 tickets to 15 people for $15. I know we can do it but if there is one reason to attend it would be because you believe in us. Belief can take a person so far and we need your help along the journey. When you purchase using my promo code: BFLYTBLKLV you’ll get $10 off general admission tickets and I’ll get to be in the event on the floor of the experience, for free. Get your tickets at BlackLoveExperience.com and don’t forget to use my promo code: BFLYTBLKLV

Black love experience SWB

The event takes place 2.18.17. I’m calling all my friends, asking for pledges, and donations. Even if you don’t want to attend the event, buying a ticket will put me one step closer to me being there.

Use my promo code: BFLYTBLKLV

Black Love Link: BlackLoveExperience.com

I love that Black Love Experience lives by a creed, quote, and motto fashioned by one of the most expressive creatives of our time:

“You really can use the spirituality of brotherhood and sisterhood and form something so profound that you can stand straight up on it”
Maya Angelou

I’m excited 2.18.17 and the preparation going into making our debut into the vending space a hit. I look forward to meeting new people, selling, and making an impact at an event that has already made such an impression on me. Hope to see you there.

Photos of Black Love Experience by Mayowa Ojo

Yours in Beauty,

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