Are you sick of feeling Depressed, Confused, and Stuck?

This Is Your Permission Slip To Take Control of Your Life And Free Yourself From Fear, Doubt, & Self-Sabotage 

Learn The Truth About What It Takes To Transition Through Any Change And You’ll Go Through Every Change With Confidence, Clarity, and Power No Matter What You Face In Life During

Butterfly Transition In 6 Weeks (BT6)

From The Heart of Butterfly Diana 

Dear Butterfly, 

Have you ever noticed that we as women almost always make sure our outward physical appearance is one of beauty… and at the same time ignore the ugliness and chaos that is tormenting us on the inside?

We should present ourselves as beautiful. And we should, we are Sisters With Beauty.

But here’s when it becomes a problem.

Hiding our pain, our scars, and our shame from the world, can lead to us blanketing them from ourselves.

Blanketing your pain, your scars, and your shame traps you in darkness. The trap of darkness fuels depression. And depression will cost you your life.

Falling Into Darkness & Depression Is Not Your Fault

The depression, confusion, and self-sabotaging behaviors don’t have anything to do with your worth and capabilities as a woman. The real reason you haven’t been able to confidently handle your transitions with honesty and openness is because of a few common lies that most women have been made to believe.

Those lies are keeping you from ever navigating change successfully.

There is a proven path to overcome those lies and step out of the darkness.

And you don’t have to figure the path out on your own.

Diana R. Ramsey and the Butterfly Transition Mentors have been sent to be a guiding light for you.

I am the author of Butterfly Transition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning Your Hair While Growing Through Life’s Changes. I’m also a Professional Conference Speaker featured at the Congressional Black Caucus, WHUR 96.3, Blogalicious, Great Day Washington, and HuffPost Live.  

My goal is to help 150 women transition a year; setting a clear path for breakthroughs, success, and real transition. Aspiring to be the world’s most impactful Transition Coach, leading a charge of authentic self-development.


I’m also Your Transition Coach

And I’m dedicated to live in my purpose by helping you successfully transition.

Before my real transition, I was in a natural hair transition. I began to take conscious care of my hair, but what about my life? I had neglected myself only showing a picture perfect of who I was on the outside. It was my truth pulling at my leg annoying every fiber of my being, but I wasn’t ready to face all my fears and admit that they really existed. 

So I stored away my past stories and my pains while proudly displaying the most finished element of myself, my hair. I believed I didn’t have what I needed to be better. I believed I wasn’t enough to be who I was designed to be.

I believed a lie.  

I had to accept the truth in order to transition. And so do you.

I know. Because I’ve been where you are. I was trying to pour out of an empty cup, wondering why it was never enough. I went from being comfortably uncomfortable to purely terrified of change. I knew I couldn’t stay where I was, but I feared where I was supposed to be. I was motivating others to make decisions, but not giving my own life the attention I needed.

I know what it’s like to be lost. To feel confused. Alone. Depressed. It wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in darkness.

I sat in darkness so long, I began to live in darkness.

I was headed towards death.  But because I discovered the truth, I survived. I did not die in the face of my depression, my fears, and my self-doubt.

I became the person at the moment that I was meant to be.

I walked away with confidence, clarity, and strength. And now I’m able to use the power I walked away with to successfully navigate any change or transition that comes my way.

When You Overcome The Lies Keeping You Stuck, It’s Like Remembering You Have Wings And Discovering You Can Fly

You’ll do more than survive once you know the Truth. You’ll begin to truly live.

You’ll approach each new transition with excitement and confidence.

You’ll know and accept that there’s always an opportunity to work on you and grow.

You won’t be afraid to ask for help, or be transparent and vulnerable.

You’ll walk on the fires of depression.

You’ll do everything the opposite of who the lies say you are.

You’ll trust people even if you had trust issues, sharing the things you fear most.

You’ll gain true confidence in the person God designed you to be.

Proven Plans, Actionable Steps, and a Community of Women Who Have Been Where You Are... Transform Every Challenge and Transition From Being Someone Fueling Fear and Crippling Progress... to Being Someone With Increased Confidence and Empowered to Live The Life You Were Created to Live

And you can access those proven plans, actionable steps, and community of women in The Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks Course. The first course that will officially begin March 5, 2017 with only 50 seats is set to change 50 lives in only 6 weeks. 

You’ll learn how you can handle change with confidence.  

With your new-found confidence you’ll free yourself from the pain caused by depression, stress, and uncertainty.

We’ll expose the lies that are keeping you stuck. When you learn and implement the steps that will help you set yourself free, everything changes.

These same steps helped me break free from the chains of fear, doubt, and self-sabotage faster than I previously believed was possible. 

And you’re about to break free too!

Let Me Confess: I Am Not Superwoman

I can’t see through or punch through brick walls. I can’t jump over tall buildings in a single leap. And neither can the other Butterflies you’ll read about below.

Just weeks ago some of us were struggling with fear, doubts, and pain we’ve been suffering with our whole lives.

For years, some of us never tried to change because we didn’t believe change was possible.

But after the Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks process we’re able to live as if we do have superpowers.

The ONLY thing that sets you and us apart is a willingness to set aside self-doubt, and try a proven process. To take one last chance at saving your life, the life you were meant to live.

If you’re willing to set aside your self-doubts and experience your own Butterfly Transition, you can take back control of your life and free yourself from all your fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Butterfly Transition In 6 Weeks

This is the exact Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks process that me and other Butterflies used to free ourselves from our fears, our doubts, and our self-sabotage.  And allowed us to begin living our true lives through clarity, power, and confidence. The same process that will help you transition from darkness to light if you let it.

When you enroll in this online course and community you’ll discover…

  • Exactly What You Need To Free Yourself From Depression, Fear, and Uncertainty
  • How To Connect With Other Butterflies That Will Help You In Your Transition
  • What To Finally Do About Painful Past Experiences That Are Like Foundational Cracks You Can Never Build Anything Significant On
  • Steps To Pinpointing The Trouble Areas In Your Life You’ve Been Avoiding
  • The Key To Quit Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships and Professional Success
  • Where To Find Inspiration You Can Tap Into On Demand Every Time You Need To Be Stronger, Bolder, and More Fear-LESS
  • The Ability To Develop A Laser Focus On Who You Were Designed To Be
  • The Power To Heal, Move On, and Make The Progress You Know You Deserve
  • How To Pinpoint And Decide Your First Butterfly Transition

"I learned that my life was not coming to an end, but just about to begin."


"I learned I don't have too stay the same person. It's ok to change and be better."


You’ll also get access to…

  • Materials Designed Specifically To Help You Discover and Reveal Your True Self Through Proven Plans & Action Steps
  • Our Private Facebook Butterfly Transition Group
  • Your Own Butterfly Transition Mentors
  • Live Linkup Sessions with me, Butterfly Diana
  • And Weekly Action Videos, Quotes, Affirmations and other tools to keep you accountable and ensure You Experience Real & Instant Change In Your Life

You’re getting access to PRE-REGISTER EARLY! The course will begin March 5, 2017

Will This Work For Every Woman?

Unfortunately, No. The Butterfly Transition Process will only work for Butterflies ready to fly free.

Butterflies willing to make the plans, take the action steps, be vulnerable, and set aside your self-doubts temporarily while you learn how to free yourself from them permanently.

The Butterfly Transition In 6 Weeks Course is real and raw.

It’s full of Truth, Light and Discovery. It’s full of actionable exercises for real people.

It involves a real life community. It involves sharing your innermost self with others.

It involves accountability.

If you are not willing to do those things, it will not work for you.

If you are willing to set aside your doubts, participate by testing plans, following action steps, and making adjustments based on mentor feedback along the way…

It Will Work For You.

Only 50 Butterflies Will Get Access

Butterfly Transition In 6 Weeks is a hands-on course.

You’ll have mentors guiding you through the plans and action steps.

Because we take your transition seriously, there are only 50 seats available each session.

Every Butterfly who enrolls receives special attention because every transition is special.  Our home base, SistersWithBeauty, has 10s of thousands of community members.

The 50 seats will fill quickly.

So if you’re ready to experience the freedom you were meant to live you need to enroll now or miss out on your chance for at least a few months.

What Are Women Saying About Diana R. Ramsey and Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks?

Crystal Sanders

“Before BT6 I was confused and needed clarity. I learned that I was in my current state because I needed time to decide what I really wanted to do before moving forward. I learned I wasn’t stuck. I just needed the time and space for clarity.

It was a breakthrough to discover that I was right where I needed to be and not behind like I feared.

Other women can benefit because BT6 helps you go deep within yourself and pull out the greatness inside. It’s for women that are ready for the next level. None of us can get to the next level with the same level thinking. And BT6 is the Next Level Ahead. BT6 helped me realize I had the ability to decide what I wanted to do and what I want to be, no one else. And what I’m going through now is important for my growth.”

Dana Sanders

I was already in transition, but overwhelmed and weary. I wanted help to get through it. BT6 showed me I had more strength than I realized. I was able to make a plan and stick to it.

BT6 serves as a step by step guide in moving through the stages of life that call for change. It breaks everything down and engages you in thinking about how you can move through change in ways that are not so overwhelming. And the Facebook Group is like a support system that expands on everything. It’s perfect for women who KNOW they need change, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it. It’s for folks who are used to working hard, but tend to work hard for others and not themselves.

BT6 helps you achieve clarity in moving forward. It has actual concrete exercises to assist you in figuring out where you want to go and how you can get there. I would describe BT6 as uplifting, revealing, and focused. BT6 helped me figure out how I wanted to proceed in going forward in a few different areas of my life.”

Charletta Bullard

Before BT6 I had an idea of where I was going, but I didn’t know where to begin. I saw it as an opportunity to transition both inside and out. I learned that my transition was much deeper than hair. It was about growing from the inside. Being in BT6 helped me allow myself to be free!

If people are open and true to themselves, they can benefit from BT6. If they struggle with their identity and want to know who they really are, BT6 can help.

BT6 is excellent and helped me learn so much about myself. I now know my strengths more than my weaknesses

If You Give In To Your Fears and Self-Doubts Again Today

You’ll remain exactly where you’ve always been. You’ll keep getting (or not getting) the results you’ve always gotten (or haven’t gotten).

Not transitioning will cost you your life.

Without doing the work on yourself, following specific plans, and taking proven steps…

You will continue in darkness, fear, and uncertainty.

And all of those things will infect you with the disease of feeling stuck, alone, fearful, and lacking purpose.

If you stay in darkness too long, you will begin to live in darkness.

And the darkness will kill you. The person you were designed to be will never have a chance to live.  

Don’t risk the death of your true self. Enroll today.

Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks Course:

What to expect in Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks Course 



"Before BT6 I was broken down..."

“I was exposed a lot of self-doubt and fear I built in my head. And it broke down what was really behind the self-doubt and fears. BT6 is humbling and it takes work. Seeing other people’s journey helped a lot. I didn’t feel like I was crazy for feeling the way I felt.”

gEORGETTE PIERRE Butterfly Transitioner

"I learned I hadn't forgiven myself for my past mistakes..."

I wasn’t over something that I thought I was over years ago. The work of BT6 is necessary. Transformation is ongoing and unending. The group aspect serves as accountability and a support system throughout the whole process.”

De'nita moss Butterfly Transitioner

Pre-Register, Claim your seat, TODAY!



Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks w/Diana R. Ramsey is an intensive, hands on, action packed eLearning course. This course isn't for anyone nor everybody. Because we understand not everyone is working on their self-development, you will receive 100% money back, guaranteed: IF you finish Week 1: Start in The Mirror and for any reason don't believe you have the diligence to continue. This course is about you doing the work, if you find you are not willing to do so, we want you to know it's ok and that your money will be refunded. 

"My Life was Full of Negative Thoughts and Procrastination..."

I learned I can be consistent if I put my mind to it. I was able to have peace with messing up which allowed me to get up and keep going.  BT6 has helped me believe in myself and become more consistent in life. Now I know I can do anything I put my mind to.”

Samara Diggs Butterfly Transitioner

Why Diana R. Ramsey Cares about your Transition  

Not transitioning will cost you your life

I know what it’s like to be headed towards death. I sat in darkness so long I begin to believe the voices telling me I was where I belonged. I was depressed. I was full of fear. I was confused. I didn’t think I had what I needed to change. I believed I wasn’t enough to be who I was designed to be. I believed lies.

Until I discovered the Truth.

But without doing the work on yourself, following specific plans, and taking proven steps… You will continue in darkness, fear, and uncertainty.

Everything I’ve learned in my transitions doesn’t belong in the cages of my mind. Because every important thing you’re supposed to do may be riding on whether or not I help you along your journey.

So I CAN’T not help you.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." ~ Mike Tyson

Don't sit and let life punch you without developing yourself enough to punch back. I too doubted my own abilities to create a course that could do what it says it will do, rid your life of fear, doubt, and self-sabotage. It was the Butterfly Transitioners you see on this page telling their stories from my coaching, who made me a believer in my own vision. I've seen women physically move to a new state, away from their biggest tormentors, expose their fears, and tell on their darkness. I've watched major life changes happen in 6 weeks time. It has made me unafraid to tell you this course not only works, but is repeatable in the face of every transition you face here after. 

You are defined by where you invest your time, money, and efforts

Nothing speaks to the character of a person like what they stand behind and allow to infiltrate their life. I want you to ask yourself one question before you pre-register for your seat in this course, how much did I spend on my self-development last year? Too often we are not investing in ourselves enough to see the return on our hard work. But today that all changes when you pre-register for the March 5, 2017 course; Butterfly Transition in 6 Weeks w/Diana R. Ramsey course. 

There are no excuses about becoming your better self. You have more than enough ways to make this happen and one dedicated resource coaching you along the way.

Pre-Registration has opened two months early for you to financially plan for your seat in the course; starting March 5, 2017. You have 3 payment options to help guide you. All you have to do is grab your seat. Oh, and don't forget, there are only 50 seats per course. So don't wait. Pre-Register for your seat today. ​

PRE-REGISTER, No Risk, Claim Your Seat


"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~Maya Angelo

P.S.: If you don't jump on the opportunity to put you first, my fear is that you never will. This will result in you carrying your heaviest fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging abilities around with you all of your life. Your final result is the death of the person you were meant to be but too afraid to invest in. Today, that doesn't get to be your story. Today you get to choose you and your Butterfly Transition. Claim your seat in the upcoming course that will start March 5, 2017.



March 5, 2017. You will be given official access to the course. Weekly content will be released to ensure you remain on track. You will be added to the BT6 Secret Facebook Group a week prior to the course. 


All Transition-mates will receive their boxes with Journal, Butterfly Transition book, pen, and sticky notes by Feb 2017. 


Before the course you will be given dedicated instructions via newsletter to ensure you are journaling and prepared for the course. Butterfly Transition mentors will be checking in on you prior to the class to ensure you are ready for March 5, 2017.