It's time to free ourselves, not just our hair #ButterflyTransition

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Hi, I’m Diana Ramsey, creator of SistersWithBeauty and author of Butterfly Transition: Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning Your Hair While Growing Through Life’s Changes.

Butterfly Transition, not only is this book a step-by-step guide to transitioning your natural hair, it is a deeply personal look into how I learned to confront and finally embrace my painful past, in my own Butterfly Transition. This much-needed resource for naturals, naturals in transition, and women considering a transition shares everything from basic information and tools you need for a successful transition, to how to overcome obstacles in every area of your life. 

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and discover the person you were meant to be, one curl at a time. Welcome to the new line of demarcation, where your hair and your life meet. It’s time to give them both the attention they deserve. #ButterflyTransition.


REAL ACTION steps to incorporate into your transition, that work and cut down frustration

REAL LIFE account of natural hair transition. Trials, ups, downs, and successes.

REAL ACCOUNT of how hair and life play a major part in your  personal growth.


Naturals in Transition

New Naturals 

Naturals Starting Over


Butterfly Transition is a step-by-step guidebook that features an easy-to-follow plan that guides you through the physical, emotional, and spiritual phases of returning to natural. Use this book to normalize the often unfamiliar and uncertain process of transitioning.

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I was moved to tears and smiles reading her experience, as I saw elements of my own story within hers. What I love most about this book is how Diana intertwines her personal transitions with tangible knowledge that even veteran naturals can appreciate.

Wow! From start to finish the words kept my attention.While my story was a little different, I still felt as though you were speaking to me on a number of occasions. I believe it's going to help many more women and young girls.

Deanna Pace NaturallyCreole