Campus Beautician: This One Goes Out To You Girl… #MoneySaver

campus Beautician

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Before we all started making real currency, you were paying that one girl who did everyone’s hair on campus in #FlexDollars and Bathroom supplies, don’t get too cute to forget that. Maybe your #CampusBeautician did relaxers but mine didn’t have time for all of that.

Her name was Thawanna and we went to High School together. By college time were didn’t always have the time to speak but boy she could hook up my hair up for a Cabaret. If your #CampusBeautician was anything like mine, she had a specialty; flexi rods, perm rods, updos, or micro braids. The Campus Beautician was the first person on campus to have a side hustle set up before classes began, next was the girl who cut and deconstructed tee shirts.
I attended a Historically Black College and University #HBCU (Norfolk State University) STAND UP, and every dorm held a highly skilled girl who did everyone’s hair and got paid. I mean if u think about it she was making at least $1000 a month. Makes me wonder why I didn’t put all of these good Home Hair Care skills out then. If your Campus Beautician was really serious, she had a laminated price list on her dorm door and took appointments in between her roommates class schedules.
I wore flexi-rods A LOT in college, so much that my roommates called me “Blinds Curls”; they said my curls were always rolled so tight they could stretch them out and the curls would snap back into place, like blinds. They were right, Tawanna rolled the hell out of my hair, but only so the style could last 2 whole weeks; I was fly tho.

Quiana and Diana.. NSU Hotice Dance Line. Peep my curl set

For the college Butterflies about to enter into the kingdom of higher learning this is what you need to do first before trying to identify the best dating prospects.
#1: Find out who the #CampusBeautician is in your dorm and identify a back up
#2: Introduce yourself and bring her a nice gift like a fresh pair of combs
#3: Get on her schedule and be flexible
#4: Try not to piss her off or date her man. In the end you’ll need your hair done before she’ll need you
#5: Treat the alternate #CampusBeautician well without causing friction between the two
Bonus Tip: Never bad mouth one campus beautician in front of the other. Contrary to much belief, these two swap stories. Don’t get cut out of both of their schedules being messy. No one wants to go to the girl who does hair the third best.. IJS
Do you remember your #CampusBeautician? If so, give her a shout out and let her know just how much she saved you. #CampusBeauticians are the real MVPs and hustlers in this hair game.  We are all better because of them.
Butterflies UP!