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After cutting my hair I never imagined that I would hear the same lie told over and over again. What scares me the most is that people truly believed what they were saying, as if there had been proven genetics and forensics to validate the lie. I later realized, after capturing my new haircut on […]

Butterfly Transition: Write Books That Sell Now Podcast Interview

I recently sat down with Butterflies Candice, Carol, and Anita, the crew for the podcast Write Books That Sell Now. This was my first interview for Butterfly Transition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning your Hair While Growing Through Life’s Changes. During this episode, we talked about the joy and pain of writing, how to position your book […]

Virtual Stop: Kickoff Live Chat w/NaturallyGlam

If you missed the kickoff virtual event for the Butterfly Transition Virtual & Live Book Tour, I’m happy it was airing live and was being recorded. Special thanks to Butterfly Jonna of NaturallyGlam, for being the first to host #ButterflyTransition. You know what they say, you never forget your first. Check out the great live […]

#ButterflyTransition Book Launch: Thank You

Wow! was the only word to describe the continuous support given to me on Friday, June 3, 2016, at the #ButterflyTransition book launch. The countdown was over, the book was ready to be released to the world. The day of my book launch, the devil was busy. I discovered USPS was playing cat and mouse with […]

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Olivia Thompson: One More Solutions & HypnoEars

I am a poet, hairstylist, life coach, accessory designer, artist… In a nutshell …I am Olivia, a creator. I love working with my hands. I love to create solutions. I love to create happy moments. I love to live and feel alive. I love to encourage others to feel alive…. I love to encourage others to be themselves..their authentic […]

Krystal Glass: Real-Life Conversation Club

Krystal Glass (yes that’s her real name!) known as the “gem” of real-life conversations for her ability to bring together people across the spectrum to dialogue on real-life issues. Krystal Glass launched The Real-Life Conversation Club as an outlet for fly & intellectually sophisticated individuals to connect through meaningful dialogue. When it comes to sparking a conversation, Krystal Glass […]

Butterfly Transition: 10 Day Countdown

‪#‎MartiniConversations‬ w/ Butterfly Transition author Diana Ramsey. Grab a drink and talk with me! Day 10: Speak My Truth: My Actual Truth (what I knew myself to be) vs. the Influenced Truth (what people knew of me) didn’t always match up because I wasn’t allowing people to fully know me. I hid behind my hair. Yes, my hair. […]

The Butterfly Transition CUT: My Wing Squad

The carefully orchestrated plan to cut my hair didn’t start in a photographers studio, but that is where it ended. While everyone talks about a tribe, squad, team, or people, I’m screaming Wing Squad. I know a collection of Butterflies, all willing to gather in one place to make something amazing happen. I like to officially introduce […]

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Book Cover #1 is the WINNER. It’s colorful, vibrant, filled with flight, a great pose capture, and a crowd favorite. Thank you for voting and letting your voice be heard. You made the decision to allow the experts to VOTE THE COVER the best decision ever. Total Voters: 126 Book Cover #1: 105 votes; 83% […]

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