Campus Beautician: This One Goes Out To You Girl… #MoneySaver

Before we all started making real currency, you were paying that one girl who did everyone’s hair on campus in #FlexDollars and Bathroom supplies, don’t get too cute to forget that. Maybe your #CampusBeautician did relaxers but mine didn’t have time for all of that. Her name was Thawanna and we went to High School […]

Spring Cleaning: Time For a Product Check

When was the last time you did inventory on the products under your sink? The ones sitting around your shower? Or the ones still in the bag from the expo you attended a few months ago? If you had to account for every product down to the date you purchased it, would you be able […]

Everybody Wants Moisture: Nobody Wants to Do The Work

Moisture, the #1 buzz word you hear around the Naturals. Throw the word retention in the front and now you have a whole new world of conversations happening all over the blogs, forums, and group chats. But anytime I hear a question about moisture, I always find myself asking, what are you doing, now? or […]

Hair Washing: Must-Have List for Wash Day #2

Are you still going into the bathroom without making the necessary purchases we talked about last week? If you missed the Hair Washing Must Have List for Wash Day, stop and go read it now. Before you think we can’t count, this post is a continuing list from a previous blog post. Check out #1 […]

Hair Washing: Must-Have List for Wash Day

It’s Wash Day Sunday. Well not today, but it’s coming. No matter what day you wash your hair, there are 4 Must-have things that every Butterfly needs to ensure they own in their bathroom for wash day. If you’re washing your hair at home, and don’t have the complete list of things, then you’re hustling […]

GoodBye R.I.P Do It Yourself (DIY): Welcome to Home Hair Care (HHC)

Yeah I said it.. RIP DIY. Oh you didn’t know? Do It Yourself died on the eve of the creation of Home Hair Care (HHC). So basically, you caring more about the way you manage your hair killed thoughts that you could just Do It Yourself and not care about regimens, tips, and an actual […]

SWB Wash Day Regimen

Hair Wash Regimen: Full Wash Series

We’ve been going strong with the Hair Wash Regimen series. Washing is so important, many stylist quote the same phrase “Your hair styling begins at the shampoo bowl”. Did anyone notice what word they used in that saying? Shampoo. Ok I’m off my soap box..wait I did it again. Hair Washing is one of the […]

Hair Wash Regimen: Dry Shampoo

Felicia Leatherwood confirmed that a dry shampoo is one of the best ways to effectively cleanse your scalp. Don’t believe us? Check out Felicia Says Dry Shampoo video. But even after the dry shampoo video was posted, it still seems like Butterflies need an extra push to start doing dry shampoo’s before their wash. Let’s talk […]

Hair Washing Regimen: Dry Detangle

Does it sound crazy to see the word dry in front of the word detangle? I’m sure the first introduction to this regimen isn’t always received well, but once you see it, you’ll understand. Let me break down the basics of the Dry Detangle and why every natural washing their hair should incorporate it into […]