Spring Cleaning: Time For a Product Check

When was the last time you did inventory on the products under your sink? The ones sitting around your shower? Or the ones still in the bag from the expo you attended a few months ago? If you had to account for every product down to the date you purchased it, would you be able […]

Natural Hair Products: What You Using?

It’s become more clear that some naturals want quick fixes. The ones that come wrapped and manufactured in a factory and stocked at Target or Wal-Mart. Products and the consistent question of what one is using is becoming more and more common on IG, FB, blogs, and YouTube. When hearing this question, my first instinct […]

Natural Hair Question: Silencing the Infamous What Products DO YOU Use?

We all have gotten the question before and many of us have probably asked it to another natural or two. You know…the magic question that we are sure will set our curls free, or so it seems. Not “How long have you been natural?” or “Can I touch your hair?”, but “WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU […]

I’m ALL of The Hair Types: What’s Your Advice for Me?

I recently posted a picture on the SistersWithBeauty Instagram page that seemed to press a few curls. The picture was pieces of my hair placed beside one another to show that Hair Typing is a bit irrelevant, because many naturals have several different textures. I uploaded this photo to say naturals should be more interested […]

Count Yo’ Pennies: Tips When Buying Products

You’ve already read our previous post Count Yo’ Pennies-How to Determine if a Product Cost too Much (if not click the link and read it NOW). You’re probably now wondering after we’ve equipped you with the knowledge on how to determine if a product cost too much what should you do now that you’re educated […]

Count Yo’ Pennies: How to Determine if a Product Cost too Much

Exactly how much is too much for you? Before you sit down and proclaim to be a product junkie (PK) are you sure you have enough money for that kind of habit? While some of the natural hair products rest within a friendly price-range many of them are just plain out of control. If you’re […]

History of the Relaxer

Relaxer, perm, creamy crack, and the white stuff. These are all names used to refer to Relaxers. The relaxer was concocted by Garret A. Morgan, a child of former slaves in 1877 in Paris Kentucky(i).  Contrary to much belief Madam CJ Walker did NOT invent relaxers or perms(ii). This is not to say that she […]