Twisted Bantu Knot Out: Natural Hair Weekend Treatment

Have you ever failed at doing a style and never tried to do it again? Well me too. My archnemesis was Bantu Knot Outs. I would see countless naturals rocking this very fresh Fro Flexing style and would mentally tell myself “Jazzy isn’t on TeamBantu”. I had more styles to create than to be dwelling on […]

Avocado Oil Treatment on Natural Hair

Enjoy this Deep Condition that packs a full punch of strength, moisture, shine, growth, softness, and even minimizes frizz; all while conditioning your hair. This mixture comes from SistersWithBeauty to you. Please enjoy and be sure to share this wonderful treatment with other Butterflies you know.

Worst Product Attempt Chronicles: Avocado Oil Treatment (AOT)

“Looks like spoiled Coleslaw” I was like anyone else looking to make a product in the kitchen work for me. I had prepared for this moment, I’d educated myself on all the “Do’s”, there was no way I could fail. I had looked on YouTube and got visually stimulated with the act of mixing avocado, […]

Homemade Hair Recipes…

It seems that we have strayed away from what made us unique. We’ve traded in our home recipes proven to last for a bottle of magic stuff on the shelves, strategically designed with a black smiling face. I wonder if our great-great-great grandmothers would be proud of the way we get excited over Pantene Pro […]