Worst Product Attempt Chronicles: Avocado Oil Treatment (AOT)

“Looks like spoiled Coleslaw” I was like anyone else looking to make a product in the kitchen work for me. I had prepared for this moment, I’d educated myself on all the “Do’s”, there was no way I could fail. I had looked on YouTube and got visually stimulated with the act of mixing avocado, […]

History of the Relaxer

Relaxer, perm, creamy crack, and the white stuff. These are all names used to refer to Relaxers. The relaxer was concocted by Garret A. Morgan, a child of former slaves in 1877 in Paris Kentucky(i).  Contrary to much belief Madam CJ Walker did NOT invent relaxers or perms(ii). This is not to say that she […]

Homemade Hair Recipes…

It seems that we have strayed away from what made us unique. We’ve traded in our home recipes proven to last for a bottle of magic stuff on the shelves, strategically designed with a black smiling face. I wonder if our great-great-great grandmothers would be proud of the way we get excited over Pantene Pro […]

Natural Hair and Hard Water

Hard Water, hard water.wait what? This seemed like a joke question when I found out I was moving to Texas. My realtor asked me do you know about Hard Water? I didn’t understand what she meant. All I wanted was a ranch style home in a good neighborhood preferably next to an interstate. But while […]