Secret to Hair Parting: It’s All About The Comb

I’ll tell you what I can’t live without.. MY PARTING COMB. I live for the parting, it’s not just any comb, it’s the one my hair (Jazzy) parts, and lays down for. You might be asking yourself, is there a difference between combs, and let me be the first to tell you YES THERE IS. […]

Spring Cleaning: Time For a Hair Tool Check  

If you didn’t know, we’ve been doing some Spring Cleaning and have already tackled getting rid of old, unneeded products.  If you’re still struggling with Product Spring cleaning then stop reading this post and go read the “Spring Cleaning: Time For a Product Check” post.  So now let’s get to these hair tools. When was […]

Hair Wash Regimen: Dry Shampoo

Felicia Leatherwood confirmed that a dry shampoo is one of the best ways to effectively cleanse your scalp. Don’t believe us? Check out Felicia Says Dry Shampoo video. But even after the dry shampoo video was posted, it still seems like Butterflies need an extra push to start doing dry shampoo’s before their wash. Let’s talk […]

Hair Washing Regimen: Dry Detangle

Does it sound crazy to see the word dry in front of the word detangle? I’m sure the first introduction to this regimen isn’t always received well, but once you see it, you’ll understand. Let me break down the basics of the Dry Detangle and why every natural washing their hair should incorporate it into […]

Natural Hair Regimen: Tipping and Dipping

I’ve named this natural hair regimen, tipping and dipping because that’s exactly what I’m doing. During my detangle stage after I’ve applied my conditioner, I dip the tips of my ends in Extra Virgin Olive Oil prior to detangling. I found that this one little action did many things, some include: 1. Shortened my Detangle […]

Natural Hair Care-My Monthly Natural Hair Regimen

I maintain my hair based off of a calendar month. In the beginning of the month I decide what I will do to my hair. I focus on the health of my hair first and foremost. I will be honest and tell you I couldn’t care less how long my hair grows. I have no […]

How to Lose Moisture in 10 Days…

We’ve all read that one great article; you know the one giving great tips for retaining moisture in your hair. The interesting thing is no one seems to be telling people what NOT to do to lose moisture in the first place. That is until now. If you can lose a man in 10 days, […]

Multitasking and BAGGING…

Naturals, While doing things such as reading, studying, watching tv, or doing the dishes..I’ve found additional things that I can do to benefit my curls. One of the things I like to do while reading is…..BAGGING. Yeah I said it…BAGGING. Placing a bag on my curls to ensure moisture is packed into every strand. I spray […]

How to Lose Moisture in 10 Days..Cont #2

Now that you’ve read the first 5 tips from the How to Lose Moisture in Just 10 Days, you should know this is unlike any other list compiled. I’m not here to tell you all of the wonderful tips to get moisture. I’m here to give you the truth. Honest and up front with no […]

Your Man Thinks You Look Like Coolio

As I sit in my bathroom looking at myself after yet another wonderful late night twist effort, I realized if I had a man he would probably look at me and say “Oh Lord, here she go again looking like Coolio”.  I’d probably feel a little hurt but shrug his comment off while getting in […]