Hair Tip: Practice can be Fun….

Practice…Practice…Practice. Don’t be afraid to go in the bathroom and experiment with your hair. Part it down the middle, part it to the side. Grab a hat, try a wrap style. No matter what you do, just know you can. There are 3 things that happen when you practice: You figure out what you like […]

Hair Tip: Do Nothing Day

Pick a day and chill You’ve been styling, washing, pulling, picking, detangling, shampooing, and literally doing the most. Pick a day, any day (I do mine on the weekend) to do absolutely nothing. Don’t even look at your hair. During this time I may wrap it up, or just wear a hat, but one thing is […]

Hair Tip: Product Understanding….

Wait..what’s in this? Have you ever researched what’s in your hair products? Don’t always rely on product reviews to tell you what you should be using for your hair. Seek out a bit of this information for yourself. Pick one ingredient in a product you’ve been using and do a Google search on it. Find […]

Hair Care Tip: What About my Scalp?!! 

A little rubbing goes a long way Massaging your scalp once a day for 15 minutes, can help improve blood flow and potentially increase hair growth. I normally do 15 minutes after I’ve re-twisted. If you make this a habit, it can be your own little spa day for your hair. If you have a significant other, […]