AfroPunk: My Top Hottest Beauty in Hair~Fashion~Inspiration Picks

All of the cool kids gathered at #AfroPunk2015. I guess I need to turn my cool kids card because I was in DC, looking stuck, stalking the #Afropunk tag but cleverly getting my #LIGHT. The Hair~Fashion~Inspiration was rampent and down right so pleasantly disrespectful to my IG timeline. It was exactly what I needed to […]

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Beauty in Inspiration: #DontBeArkless

#DontBeArkless: Excuses Won’t Get You In Heaven We all must create our Ark before we expireImagine not carrying out your #NoahAssignment, then getting all the way to heaven and you’re #Arkless. Your job on earth is to carry out the plans God has laid before you. If you are residing in fear of those plans, […]

Beauty in Inspiration: #GetYourLIGHT

#GetYourLIGHT: You Were Created in His IMAGE  Light is one of the only ways to down out darkness When you look at your life there are only two teams you can play for, #TeamLIGHT or #TeamDARKNESS. I don’t know about you but I choose LIGHT, why? Because God loves there. The only thing darkness can do […]

Beauty in Inspiration: #NoahAssignment

#NoahAssignment it’s a LifeSTYLE We all have purpose but if we look even closer we realize we all have an assignment.You’ve been given your own #NoahAssignment, no matter if you know exactly what it is or not, you have one. God put purpose in your life to assist in you carrying out your assignment. As […]

I Can’t Believe It Took Me A YEAR To Realize This

I can’t believe I’m finally going to do this. Ok here goes… I WAS LIVING IN FEAR I was told to do a self audit during a great conversation with Butterfly Julian Kiganda, founder of Bold and Fearless Transformational Life Strategist. I had been living in fear since July 2014, but just realized exactly where to attribute my […]

#52DayInspiration: Dancing Out of The Storm

#52DayInspiration was founded while I was entering the threshold of my own storm. No, I wasn’t okay, yes I was seeking counsel, and nothing was truly working at the time. I started to become reclusive, folded in, didn’t want to really talk to anyone. #ButGod wasn’t having it. Little did I know I was going […]