#BeautyQuestion: What Is Your Beauty?

Your beauty isn’t debatable because you’re the only one that has to agree. During my latest #BeautyChat on Periscope, I asked a simple question: What is Your Beauty? Check out the entire discussion on Periscope, click here. The response from the question sent me into overload. Butterflies began leaving their comment on what their beauty was and it didn’t […]

Take the Pick Your Beauty Poll

Are you with SWB and the Butterfly Transition that is taking place? If so I’d love to hear from you. Take the quick poll below and tell me what area of BEAUTY your most excited to see talk about on SWB. If you think we’re leaving out an important area, SPEAK ON IT.

Beauty in Loving Yourself

Beauty comes from the feeling of love. The feeling of love is the exact emotion you much embody in order to believe you’re beautiful. The equation is simple: Beauty=Feeling+Belief Beauty=Love+Confidence You fall in love with yourself the same way you fall in love with another. You’re courted, put in a position of importance, set at a […]

Beauty Isn’t A Look: It’s A Feeling

Have you ever looked beautiful but didn’t feel beautiful? Every hair in place, outfit on 100, shoe game insane, nails on wave status, and jewelry on splash, but YOU don’t feel beautiful. Have you wondered why is that? It’s simple, Beauty is a feeling and not what you put on, it’s not how you style […]

Your Own Beautiful: Pick One Thing

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what if you are the beholder? Can you see your own beauty? We allow close friends and family to tell us we look good; but is it US who has the final say over what we believe is our beautiful. What is beautiful about you? Do you know? […]