Natural Photoshoot (its a wig)

I was born Diana Rachel Ramsey on January 4, 1984, in Chicago-Chi-Town (don’t owe these country boys NOTHING) but grew up on both coasts, Cali and VA. I currently reside in Texas. I graduated from Norfolk State University in 2006; BEHOLD the Green and Gold. I’m the baby of 3 lovely girls, the youngest one in curls. My hair story started out like many. I had my first perm before I was 7, as a child it was hard to understand what my texture was to need a perm in the first place. During my permed years I adorned braids, weaves, cuts, major cuts and color. If a hairstyle was in then it was on my head during the years of 1990-2008.

During my college years I wore my hair in curly hairstyles. I did flexi-rods for two years straight. This style really helped in growing my hair. However, because I was still perming my hair I suffered extreme breakage and damage. As a result I ended up doing curly hairstyles to hide all of my damage as opposed to wearing a hairstyle for fun. Upon graduation I decided to return back to natural but due to lack of knowledge I fell back into the arms of the one that had loved me..the PERMS. It wasn’t until I moved to Texas that I felt a need to revisit returning back to natural. I knew I wanted to complete something I had failed before. During my first attempt, I didn’t have the knowledge of all it took to return back to natural. The second time I educated myself. During my transition I studied like a college senior on all things Natural. I read several books to include Thank God I’m Natural by Chris Tia E Donaldson. I also watched numerous YouTube videos and read countless blogs. One thing I always noticed was missing from the wonderful natural community was well…ME. I’ve always added my two cents here and there on just about anything. After returning back to natural I felt empowered to, for lack of better words RUN THE WORLD-Beyoncé style.  So, I set out to carve my name in the curly sand and well here I am. I created SistersWithBeauty upon returning back to natural. I’ve always been a big advocate of true beauty being in you and not based off of outside influences. SistersWithBeauty is not like other sites targeting Natural, Curly and Healthy Hair. When you come to the site you know you’re in the presence of a friend. Willing to listen, take in, give back and converse with you on all levels of beauty.

I offer this site to you as one of my dreams. If anything can come of it I only wish to educate, motivate and assist in helping someone make better decisions about their hair, health, life, and self-esteem.

DRamZ84 MyHairMyWay Video

[pullquote_left]My nose is wide, my lips are full, my eyes are slanted and my hair is Natural, these are a few of my favorite things [/pullquote_left]

Now that you know me, let’s get on with SWB, DJ queue music.


My Reflection

Living in the Curl of it.

Diana, aka DRamZ84