Everybody Wants Moisture: Nobody Wants to Do The Work

Moisture, the #1 buzz word you hear around the Naturals. Throw the word retention in the front and now you have a whole new world of conversations happening all over the blogs, forums, and group chats. But anytime I hear a question about moisture, I always find myself asking, what are you doing, now? or more importantly exactly what are you willing to do to gain and retain moisture? Now, I’m not a stylist but iTwist a lot, but I know in order to have and retain moisture, one must do the work to get moisture. So, after we weed out the real from the fake in regards to the amount of time you’re willing to commit to your moisture journey, I want to tell you my big secret to retaining moisture.

………………..WAIT FOR IT……………


THERE…Secret is out.. Don’t I feel FREEEEeeee?

Cat is out of the bag, everyone can go home now. I’ve had my fair share of experiences in salons and around stylists. One of the key lessons I learned is that healthy hair and moisture for that matter starts at the shampoo bowl. Those who are making a hug fuss about retaining moisture past one day, or even getting moisture to meet them in the bathroom, must understand there are two reasons why your hair seems to be lacking moisture, which are:

  1. What you are doing
  2. What you’re not doing

Nonetheless, you’re a part of the initial problem. So let’s come to grips with that reality and press forward as a collective.. Shall we? I want to introduce an idea and a regimen to you.

Idea: If the best way to retain moisture is by having my hair in water, then one should look into how they are washing their hair now and find ways to do that better.

Regimen: Exactly what you do. SistersWithBeauty has a Wash Day Regimen that if followed can enhance and prove to be a benefit to your hair and the wash quality after it’s all said and done. Don’t believe me? Well, we do have a few who have chosen to do the regimen and this is what they have to say. Now, no one was paid (cause we broke, so sorry no kick backs for telling the #Truth) but your commitment to your own journey is appreciated.

SWB Wash Day Regimen 1Thanks Butterfly Trendysocialite

SWB Wash Day Regimen 2

Thanks Butterfly Garichild

I want you to accept a challenge this weekend. Try something new in search of something new. Try completing the steps in the SWB Wash Day Regimen and report back to us how your hair felt. This is not a product, we are not selling you anything, and if we are selling you something, it’s a better way. Won’t you try it? it’s FREE!… Check out the SWB Wash Day Regimen in action and if you just want the steps, I’m cool with that too, we already have you covered. Look at the quick collage reference below. See, no matter what, the only excuse you can cook up to not do this regimen is pure laziness…:) Now, excuse me while I wash my hair…:) and sit on all this moisture. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or specific issues you want us to tackle on SistersWithBeauty.com.

Watch the SWB Wash Day Regimen: Full Wash Series Video here, or check out the quick picture reference below.

SWB Wash Day Routine


Get the easy to follow SWB Wash Day Regimen Infographic here.

I know everyone wants moisture, but will you do the work? Now that is the question.

Butterflies Up

Diana (Head Curl in Charge)

  • msplatinumfaces

    Awesome on the breakdown , you’ve placed me back on track with steps! Ill be back soon

    • YESSSS…. Got to get on these steps Butterfly… 🙂 I know it’s easy to fall off… but we all must get back up..Butterflies UP

  • Bernetta

    You have this hair thing on lock!! But that’s why I cut my hair so I can start fresh and do better.