GoodBye R.I.P Do It Yourself (DIY): Welcome to Home Hair Care (HHC)

Bye DIY hello HHCYeah I said it.. RIP DIY. Oh you didn’t know? Do It Yourself died on the eve of the creation of Home Hair Care (HHC). So basically, you caring more about the way you manage your hair killed thoughts that you could just Do It Yourself and not care about regimens, tips, and an actual process. Just because you DIY, doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. BAM…SAID IT.. #DropsFireOnEm and #LEAVES. Let SistersWithBeauty welcome you to Home Hair Care.

The first thing you may be wondering is what makes Home Hair Care so different from DIY old hair practices? And I’m so happy you asked this great question. Home Hair Care is all about you making a conscientious effort to educate yourself on better ways to maintain your hair. The first time you Google, “hair washing”, you’re acting under one of the 6 Fundamentals of Home Hair Care, and you don’t even know it. How amazing is that? Once you decide to learn more about your natural hair and seek out that information out, you’ll see Home Hair Care unfold before you. The 6 Fundamentals listed below were established by SistersWithBeauty after discovering what the DIY craze lacked.

6 Fundamentals of Home Hair Care:
  • Hair Washing
  • Hair Treatments
  • Hair Product Understanding
  • Hair Styles
  • Hair Counseling
  • Hair Directory (Bridging the Nap (BNap) Directory)

Correct information, resources, tips, and a clear plan are all wrapped into a bow and put into Home Hair Care. When stepping into Home Hair Care, try your best not to mourn the loss of the DIY lifestyle. If it truly was there for you, it would have provided so much more than just putting your hair in a ponytail and possibly making your own headband out of old stockings #Ew. I’m not judging those who still want to hold onto DIY, I just want you to know it’s DEAD.. so let it go in peace and with some dignity.

The next question you may be asking is, how do I introduce Home Hair Care into my lifestyle? I must say you are quite clever with your questions today..:) After getting the old DIY ways out of your system, the first thing one must do is clearly understand what Home Hair Care can do and what it won’t do for you. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Home Hair Care will:
  • Define better ways for you to care for your hair at home
  • Educate, motivate, and encourage you every step of the way
  • Put you in front of cutting edge information, tips, tricks, and regimens
  • Offer a variation of options to be tailored based off of your  hair texture, lifestyle, and time management
  • Reach out to professionals to give you a broader understanding on a variation of topics

For all the things HHC will do that are not listed, there are a few things it won’t do, let’s brew this tea slowly for this list.

Home Hair Care won’t (aka isn’t here for the following)
  • Do the work for you, can’t do that Butterfly
  • Lie to you or suggest things that will harm your hair
  • Fall into any “Hype” such as prompting you to do off-the-wall, crazy things (i.e using Monistat on your scalp)
  • Eliminate the need to think about the actions you’re taking with your hair and the outcome/consequences of such

Needless to say, Home Hair Care can and will do many things. What it won’t do is the work necessary for you to see results. If you are looking for healthy hair, better manageability and understanding of your tresses, then follow SistersWithBeauty. SWB is the creator of Home Hair Care and all of the information that falls under it. At this point, you only have one decision to make–will you:

  1. Continue to follow the bottomless pit of DIY information being advertised, or
  2. Opt for Home Hair Care that has been designed to not only teach you better hair practices at home, but also encourages you to be a wiser consumer of the knowledge you seek outside of Home Hair Care

Guess you have some decisions to make. Red or Green pill, you live and you learn. In the meantime, check out the SistersWithBeauty Home Hair Care brochure…:)

Click link: SistersWithBeauty Home Hair Care Brochure

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