Hair Care Tip: What About my Scalp?!! 

HHC TIPSA little rubbing goes a long way

Massaging your scalp once a day for 15 minutes, can help improve blood flow and potentially increase hair growth. I normally do 15 minutes after I’ve re-twisted. If you make this a habit, it can be your own little spa day for your hair. If you have a significant other, ask them to do it. Say “Bae, can you be a sweetie and rub my scalp”? I’m certain they’ll give you a smile and get right to it. I don’t know about you, but a scalp massage always makes me feel loved and fully relaxed.

If you’ve found areas on your scalp that are sparse or short to growing hair, begin doing scalp massages. Having a positive steady flow of blood through massages promotes hair growth. So, that means you need to get to massaging. Add a light oil such as extra virgin olive oil to your hands and allow your hands to take you away.

You’re one more step closer to better Home Hair Care.

Let’s keep going.. see you next month

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