Hair Tip: Practice can be Fun….

HHC TIPSPractice…Practice…Practice.

Don’t be afraid to go in the bathroom and experiment with your hair. Part it down the middle, part it to the side. Grab a hat, try a wrap style. No matter what you do, just know you can. There are 3 things that happen when you practice:

  1. You figure out what you like
  2. You find what looks good on you.
  3. You create new styles and enhance your options

Pick a day, go in the bathroom, turn on your favorite Pandora station, and have “Create Time”. This is what I do when I’m creating a new style. I don’t always have a vision, or a picture to draw. I just get in there and try to learn what my hair likes.

You’re one more step closer to better Home Hair Care.

Let’s keep going.. see you next month..

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