Hair Wash Regimen: Dry Shampoo

DRY SHAMPOOFelicia Leatherwood confirmed that a dry shampoo is one of the best ways to effectively cleanse your scalp. Don’t believe us? Check out Felicia Says Dry Shampoo video. But even after the dry shampoo video was posted, it still seems like Butterflies need an extra push to start doing dry shampoo’s before their wash. Let’s talk about this Dry Shampoo concept and why you should include this regimen into your wash day.

Why should you do a dry shampoo?

Because you need to separate your cleansing process to ensure your scalp and hair are both clean after your wash. It also minimizes the amount of shampooing you do on your hair. I recently ran into a Butterfly who told me she was shampooing her hair 4 times during her wash. All flags went up because the next thing she mentioned was that her hair was dry after washing. This fact didn’t surprise me. She was shampooing too much.

Many of us are over-shampooing. Adding a dry shampoo to your regimen can decrease the amount of times you have to apply shampoo to your hair during your wash. After you separate your scalp and hair during your wash process, you really don’t need to wash your hair more than once, twice ..MAYBE; but 4 times, absolutely not. I don’t have to double back after my dry shampoo and wash my scalp again. It’s already clean with this action. The regimen works. If you’ve watched any of my twisting videos, look at my scalp, those parts are clean honey..:)

What does the dry shampoo do?

Allows your scalp to be cleansed without having to compete with your hair.

Your scalp has competed in the hair washing Olympics for many years and has always came in last place. In curly, wavy, and kinky hair textures it takes water and soap suds a longer time to  travel to your scalp. This is because many of our textures are coarse and very thick. Once this is understood, creating separation between your scalp and hair is the only solution. A dry shampoo stops the competition factor. Placing the shampoo directly on your scalp and adding a little water (per Felicia Leatherwood’s direction) activates the agent in the shampoo that cleanses your hair. When shampoo is applied directly to your scalp it’s able to cleanse just the scalp more effectively. I started doing dry shampoos unbeknownst to myself and I kept this little action out of sight because I thought I was doing something wrong. It wasn’t until capturing Felicia Leatherwood’s Dry Shampoo tips at the Koils by Nature hosted INHMD 2013, that I learned not only was it right to do, but it really is the best way to wash your hair.

Allow this tip to really sit on your brain…:) (pun intended). The Dry Shampoo video will release on Friday so be ready. The Hair Wash Regimen series is almost done. Don’t quit on SWB now, apply the Dry Detangle and Dry Shampoo tips to your wash regimen. Next week we will discuss the remaining wash day elements in one video. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Butterflies Up!!

Diana (Head Curl in Charge)

  • Apryl-joi Norman

    oooo, i can’t wait!! and i must admit, my hair is MUCH cleaner when i take the time to (always) part my hair in 4 sections and dry shampoo. Thanks, HCIC, for your amazing tips, always….i almost feel like im right there with you on wash day (watching from the sidelines, of course) 🙂