Hair Wash Regimen: Full Wash Series

Full WashSeries.jpgWe’ve been going strong with the Hair Wash Regimen series. Washing is so important, many stylist quote the same phrase “Your hair styling begins at the shampoo bowl”. Did anyone notice what word they used in that saying? Shampoo. Ok I’m off my soap box..wait I did it again.

Hair Washing is one of the 6 fundamentals of Home Hair Care and many times a naturals first challenge. What to do? when to do it? how to do it? and am I doing it right? Are all questions that don’t go away as you begin to craft your natural hair wash regimen, and they shouldn’t. You should always be striving for the best Home Hair Care practices your hands can give you. Let SWB help you shape your Hair Wash Regimen. Watch the Full Wash Series video here, and be sure to check out the prerequisite videos on Dry Detangle , Dry Shampoo and Tip-N-Dip.

Apply one of the regimens into your wash day for an entire month.

  • Dry Detangle
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Tip-N-Dip

Report back to us with your assessment. How did the new regimen respond to your hair? Did you tweak it to meet your needs? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below.

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