Hair Washing: Must-Have List for Wash Day #2

hair washing 2.jpgAre you still going into the bathroom without making the necessary purchases we talked about last week? If you missed the Hair Washing Must Have List for Wash Day, stop and go read it now. Before you think we can’t count, this post is a continuing list from a previous blog post. Check out #1 and #2 on the list here. Ok our education shouldn’t come into question anymore, on with the remaining must-have list for Hair Wash Day.

#3 Must Have: Good Cleaning Agent (degreaser)

I highly recommend you get a cleaning agent that has a spray nozzle and keep it close to the tub. You might even be confused as to why this is on the list. That is until you go to take a shower the day after Hair Wash Day and almost lose your life from a slip and fall. If you follow SistersWithBeauty’s Hair Wash Regimen for 2014 video you know we encourage you to Tip-N-Dip during your detangle phase. This one little action can send you into the hospital if you don’t spray the tub after you finish washing and rinse it off. I recently had a slip scare not too long ago. Please for all the curls in a puff have a good cleaning agent nearby after you finish washing your hair, AND USE IT. No one likes to slip and fall but when you heighten this action by being on a greasy tub floor, you could break your back or die. #NeverWouldHaveMade it without my cleaning agent and God’s call upon my life. Don’t laugh too hard at this must-have. Before you know it you’ll be the next person trying to grab the shower curtain to break your fall. I did a simple degreaser cleaner Google search, you can find a cleaning agent as low as $3.89. Click here for details.

#4 Must Have: Mini Broom and Dustpan

I guess we are all going to act like we don’t see all of  this hair on the floor, in the corners, doing the Cupid Shuffle across the floor every time we open the door or make a swift move. If you don’t have a mini dustpan and brush in your life, you know the #Struggle is real. Using tissue isn’t a solution (although I agree it can be effective), kicking it to the corner isn’t working either, nor is acting like you don’t see it. It’s time to stop excusing all of the hairs on your floor and get to the store. I own a big dust pan and broom, but you know I’m too lazy to go all the way down stairs in the kitchen to get it. Go to the dollar store and grab one that can be stored in the bathroom. No matter where you get it from, please have one handy, especially after wash and style day. I can’t tell you how many times I look at the floor and shake my head when I don’t use my mini broom and dustpan. I did a simple mini dustpan and brush Google search, you can find one as low as $0.78. Click here for details.

These are the must-have things you need when you go to into your bathroom for wash day. You notice we didn’t even get into what you need to be using in your hair for wash day. That’s a whole new list for a whole different day. Be sure to supply your cabinets with these 4 MUST-HAVE things and be prepared for anything on Wash Day, something crazy always happens to lengthen this list. Like I just remembered one:


I don’t use these to rinse my hair with, I use them to lay down on the counter and or floor, I swear it can get messy with my hair flinging around.

Until next time Butterflies, you have some shopping or rearranging to do. Make sure these must-have things are within hands reach. You do far too much during your Hair Wash Day to be on a scavenger hunt for these necessities. So how did you do? Did you have many of these items in your bathroom or do you have shopping to do? Leave your comments below.

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