Hair Washing: Must-Have List for Wash Day

hair washing 1.jpgIt’s Wash Day Sunday. Well not today, but it’s coming. No matter what day you wash your hair, there are 4 Must-have things that every Butterfly needs to ensure they own in their bathroom for wash day. If you’re washing your hair at home, and don’t have the complete list of things, then you’re hustling backwards. By the end of this blog post you’ll know for sure where you stand on having these things on hand, and you  may have to go shopping. Either way let’s start because this list is far too important to hold off any longer.

#1 Must Have: Tub/Drain Protector (aka Hair Catcher)

Its all fun and wash games until you’re standing in a foot of water because you don’t have a drain protector. I’ve stood in my own little mini-pool several times before committing to a Hair Catcher. Not having one is annoying. If you’re currently showering or washing your hair and having to wait until the water drains completely to finish, then you’re truly hustling backwards. This means your drain is so stopped up with hair that it can no longer function. Stop being cheap and go purchase a Drain protector. I’m not going to tell you which one to get, but my simple Hair Catcher Google search tells me you can buy one as low as $1.70. Click here for details.

#2 Must Have: Snake for Drain

After you fail to take my advice in getting a Hair Catcher, you’ll find yourself buying a Snake for your drain. This little contraption helps in getting the hair out of your drain. I use this and I own a Drain Protector. It just goes to show why these are MUST HAVES. Having them is great, not having them truly does suck and can be quite expensive. Have you seen how much plumbers make these days? They are the ones balling out of control, while you sit there looking salty. The Snake Drain should really be #1 if you ask me. There will be hair that gets down the drain no matter what, even if you use a Drain Protector. There may also be hair down your drain from previous owners.. (ewwww… I know right). No matter whose strands are in your drain, the snake doesn’t discriminate. It will assist in removing the biggest of balls and get you back to easy washing in no time. I did another simple Snake Drain Google search, you can find one as low as $3.29. Click here for details.

So by now you should know where you stand on our list. Either you own these things and are not standing in knee-high dirty water, or you’re waiting for us to list the next must-have. Let’s allow the other Butterflies to catch up and go shopping. We will continue this list next week…AFTER you get our two must-have items. If you have one or both of the must-have things on our list, tell us how they have saved you in the comments below. Do you use them all of time? Help our Butterflies out who don’t already own these things. List isn’t done, read the Must-Have List for Wash Day #2 here.

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