#HeadWrapQueen Gets Promoted to #WrapOligist

WrapOlogistI got a PROMOTION.. YASSSS LAWD, MY…MY…SURE DID…Wait.. I’M NERVOUS…:) Should I report to my new office or nah?

I went into #Periscope the #HeadWrapQueen and came out the #WrapOlogist. Which means I got a promotion from #Periscope, I have to be the first to achieve this. I want to thank you for joining the Periscope and laying this promotion on me… So here are 3 of the tips I shared in the video then watch the whole thing to see how this Promotion all went DOWN..

Tips when wearing a wrap:

1. Keep it Clean and Cute: Wash your wraps, especially if you use them as a scarf. Nothing wrong with wearing your scarf as a wrap just wash it. You don’t want to break out on your neck or your forehead because your fabric is dirty.

2. PROTECT YOUR HAIR ALWAYS: Yes, I’m yelling, always wear a bonnet under your wraps. No wrap is too cute to go unprotected. Think about it like Safe Wrap Sex…you don’t get into the wrap life without being protected… because if you do, you’ll be signing up for an EDGELESS LIFESTYLE, and you already know negligence is real on these edge streets. Don’t be out here caught slipping with no edges. Wear your bonnet under your wrap at all times and LIVE…

3. You Can’t Mess UP YOU.. Just Do IT: There is no manual on how to do you. Wrapping your hair isn’t as much of a science as it is an action of you JUST DOING IT. Go into the bathroom with assurance and come out wrapped, it’s just that simple. You don’t have to get so many how to’s in order to throw this wrap on your head and live your life.

If you missed the #Periscope chat where I showed over 5 Wrap Styles and drop even more tips than the once listed in this post then check out the video below:

Special Note: This video will not have Periscope comments or hearts from the original video.. But dear God we have sound and that’s what matters.

Shouts out to my promotion of becoming the #WrapOLIGIST… Look mama, I made it..:)

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Butterflies UP!!