I Can’t Believe It Took Me A YEAR To Realize This

I was Living in FearI can’t believe I’m finally going to do this. Ok here goes…
I was told to do a self audit during a great conversation with Butterfly Julian Kiganda, founder of Bold and Fearless Transformational Life Strategist. I had been living in fear since July 2014, but just realized exactly where to attribute my fear from after starting my self audit. In July 2014, I had completed a focus group for jewelry I had created and was super excited to release. Now, when doing a focus group the client should never be in the room, but due to an unexpected family emergency, I ended up having to be my own camera man.. BIG MISTAKE.  The focus group was hard, painful, and honesty destroyed my confidence or at least I allowed it to. Subconsciously, over the last year I walked around broken because of the focus group; it housed women that had strong opinions about Butterflies, wearing them, and my jewelry. Now, I know it wasn’t their intent to make me fearful; that I did on my own. Self-Doubt is the gateway into Fear’s embrace and I was full of it after the focus group.I let FEAR win. Yup, I did, FEAR took over and it didn’t even have home court advantage to win in the first place. During this weekend I sat down and completed my self audit (at least some of it) and had an epiphany. The only way I could get past this block was by releasing my fears. One of the first cards in the #52DayInspiration group I started on #Periscope to help me and others “Dance out of our storms”, read:
Fear and Faith cannot live in the same place
I had become fearful of myself and SistersWithBeauty. This fear left me on the edge, looking down never willing to take the next step. That was until last night.At 3AM on Sunday Aug 2, 2015, I DID IT. I released the images of my jewelry and set them up in the BFlyShop. I didn’t tell anyone (until now), and in a strange way I feel a bit of relief off of my shoulders. It all came down to choosing Faith. I believe I was led to do what I’m doing, otherwise I would be given another #NoahAssignment.I’m coming to you to tell you that FEAR may have gotten one on me…. But I bounced back, finally at 3AM in the morning. This is what I like to call #FEARGRESS, when you move past fear in any motion you are making feargress. This is just one step of many that I need to take. I invite you to check out the pieces I created about a year ago.. “YEAR AGO“.. and if you want to BFly walking around with these BFly Studs and IAM SWB Bracelet, stop by the BFLY Shop and pick up your wings.



IAM SWB Bracelet (New Berry)

All photos for the SWB Jewelry Line were shot by Tiffany Josephs Photography

I want to personally thank Butterfly Julian Kiganda, founder of Bold and Fearless Transformational Life Strategist for being an amazing source of inspiration and transformation. You are helping me even when I don’t get to talk to you and only have your cards to hold and speak about. Thank you for accepting your #NoahAssignment.
Butterflies UP!



  • Aaron Terry

    Congrats on the release! I’m happy to see you break down barriers … Especially self-created ones.

    • Thanks so much Aaron for reading… and you read this yesterday which let’s me know you were really on the site EARLY…:) truly appreciate you and your words… 🙂 #FearGress

  • Julian @BoldFearless1

    Diana, you already KNOW how I feel about this post. All I can say is God is good all the time. Even in our storms. In order to come out of those storms, the answers just sometimes need to be prodded out by someone or something else. I’m blessed to have been used by the Creator to help you find your silver lining. The rainbow is soon to come. Just. Keep. Dancing. And remember: opportunities are attracted to action. Love you!

    • Deborah Perry

      I’ve been living in fear all my life due to my childhood traumas. I lost both my parents at a very young age. Grew up in a very dysfunctional cfamily with no love being shown to me and it caused me to go through and identity crisis in my life. I ended up on drugs with my husband which was death and destruction all around me! It literally almost took my life but by God’s grace and mercy i stand today with 8 months clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Praise God! All Glory go to Him! I acquired the name Ms Butterfly in one of my drug rehab programs in Atlanta. I told my story of all i been thru and the instructor said my life reminded him of a butterfly that i just need to come out of that cocoon and fly free like that beautiful butterfly. And that’s where I’m at in my life to let go of all fear and grab my wings and break out of the cocoon and fly free like that beautiful butterfly God called me to be. I feel so Honored to be a part of you BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! I want to stay connected this was God’s leading for me to join you guys. I’m ready to fly to my next destination in CHRIST! AMEN! GOD BLESS! 😄💚💜💙

      • Butterfly Deborah,

        WOW… you really put a testimony out there and it’s as beautiful to tell your story and feel safe releasing it as it is to Dance in your storm. I’m so happy to send you congrats on your sobriety, that’s nothing but God and his faith in you. It’s amazing that you were called Ms. Butterfly, they hold so much power, before they even know they can fly transition is all around them. The world must adapt to your wings. I truly believe you can Dance out of this storm and state of mind. You’re already doing the work. I want to encourage you to look into Butterfly Julian and her Transformation Life Strategy services. You have such a story and I know God has you here to tell it. Please don’t lose us, because I don’t want to lose you..:) God brings us all together to tell his messages, I’m thankful to hear your story, it shows true strength, obedience and LIGHT. No matter where you’ve been, God knows where you are going and have provided a space for you there… I can’t wait to see you on the call tomorrow and want to welcome you to SWB.. This site is transitioning itself into a place where people come to reclaim their POWER back.. and see that there is Beauty in Hair-Fashion-Inspiration-Life. No matter what aspect of beauty you are here for, my prayer is that you get what it is you need. Inspiration comes in many different forms… tonight it came in the faith of a mustard seed… Now that’s God. Blessings to you and through you Butterfly.. I see your wings and you are Beautiful.

    • Butterfly Julian..:) God is god everytime…:) Truly appreciate this time of transition he has me in… Just trying to be a student in this world. We are all being used. God is doing double duty on us all, using others and using you for someone else. Love you to life.. #DancingInThisHereStorm … planning exit stage left…:) Love you to LIGHT..:)

  • ABAgail

    Your jewelry is amazing!! I will definitely be purchasing some!! Love your work!

  • ABAgail

    Your jewelry is amazing! Love your work! I will definitely be purchasing some!!

    • Butterfly ABAgail.. thank so you much for your beautiful words…:) This release has freed me and I’m so thankful..Appreciate your beautiful words and can’t WAIT to fill your order..:) Don’t wait Butterfly, the colors are going fast and there is no restocking…:)

  • Antwanyce Richardson

    I knew we were kindred spirits. While you were going through your own storm I was going through mines. You launched your Jewelry the same weekend I officially launched my new business. I am so honored to own one of your pieces. I can wait to buy a tshirt as well. You are amazing I hope you really know that. Thank you for sharing it with the world even while you dance in the rain.