Natural 101

Are you interested in learning more about returning back to your natural? Want to understand what all these acronyms mean on various forums and chats? Or are you just tired of having question after question and not having a solid place to go for answers? Well, the Natural 101 section is just the place for you. This section is always being updated and will be a living document for all things curly. Welcome to Natural 101 aka. Natural School. Check out the videos below titled Back 2The Basics. These videos were made to give you the foundation knowledge needed for your natural hair. More videos are being added so stay tuned.

Back 2The Basics: Natural Style Kit

Back2TheBasics: How to Comb/Part Natural Hair

Back 2The Basics: Silk Bonnet

Back 2The Basics: Pre-Poo

Back 2The Basics: Washing Natural Hair

Back 2The Basics Detangle-&-2Strand