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Welcome to the place where you live your life in Beauty & Light. Beauty isn’t easily defined nor can be truly defined; these both act as feelings more than definitions. You can’t quite describe it but you know when you feel Beauty and when you are shining your Light or watching someone hold these two things.

SistersWithBeauty is for women who wishes to celebrate, be empowered, and has a desire to learn about how she can transition her hair & life. Women of color make up the majority population of Ethnic Hair and Beauty Aids (HABA) purchasing power (according to the Nielsen report). Studies show Women of color are out purchasing any other race nine times more than others. But, are still the least represented race in marketing advertisements, beauty magazines, and on the runway. The celebration and selling of beauty is still being dictated by races outside of Women of Color, hence setting the tone of unachievable beauty empowerment. This thought alone drives the core need for SistersWithBeauty. It’s time to have a space where your Beauty and Transition is celebrated, empowered, and relevant.

SWB Mission Statement: To Celebrate, Empower, and Help you Live your life in Beauty & Light through transition

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