Spring Cleaning: Time For a Product Check

Product Check

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When was the last time you did inventory on the products under your sink? The ones sitting around your shower? Or the ones still in the bag from the expo you attended a few months ago? If you had to account for every product down to the date you purchased it, would you be able to do this with accuracy?

Many naturals who are reformed product junkies (PJ) are still carrying around the products from their PJ past. It’s time for a Product Check, you just may need to get rid of half of the products you own.

The rule of thumb for products is 3 years shelf life. Now, that’s before the product is opened. After the product is opened and human skin contact happens, you possibly have 1.5 years to use any of your products. Think back now, think about all of the products you have under your sink, and ask yourself, how long have you had some of those styling creams, gels, jellies, conditioners, shampoos, and what not. There are a few things you can do to help get the most out of your product shelf life. However, try to get rid of your natural hair products within a years time.

Manage Natural Hair Product Tips:

  1. Wash your hands: Always wash your hands before using your products. Dirty hands and nails can contaminate your product, which can increase the chance of a scalp infection and shorten the shelf life of your product.
  2. Use a sterile tool to spoon out product: Instead of using your fingers, try using a plastic spoon to dig out the product that you need. This will ensure the larger portion of your product stays free from contamination.
  3. Tag your products: Place the purchase date, open date, and an expiration date on all products. This will help you during inventory. You can get on a system and begin using the products that are soon to expire in front of all of your other products.
  4. Use what you have first: Using products you have until they are gone, before purchasing more will help you manage the amount of products you own. The more you have, the more you’re liable to waste.
  5. Don’t Share products: Refrain from letting other people use your products. Take the #2 tip and spoon out some for your curl-friend. If anyone’s going to contaminate your product, it should be you…:)

Spring is the time to dust off, clean up, break old habits and start on a new page. Don’t bring your bad Winter habits into the Spring. Collect all of your products and get to doing that inventory. After you use the #3 tip and TAG YOUR PRODUCTS, keep up the hard work and incorporate the remaining tips into your natural hair journey.

How many products are you letting go? I think i see some gel under my sink that needs to go. Come back to this post and let me know what products you discovered need to be trashed.

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