SWB Accessories

SWB Earrings


The SWB Electric Blue earrings..BLUE my MIND. Wearing these will get you noticed, and add major snaps to your “Get it Girl” lifestyle. After purchasing your SWB pair, adorn it with any color SWB Logo T-Shirt and WIN. Be sure to show the designer of the earrings some love too by going to HypnoEars site and check out more of her dynamic CUSTOMIZED on demand work.

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SWB Butterfly Bag

Put some Butterflies on Em’ with this Butterfly Tote.

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SWB Butterfly Clips or Butterfly Strips

SWB Butterfly Clips

SWB Butterfly Strips

Butterflies UP. Now show it rocking your Butterfly Clip. You have a choice between the clip or the strip.The strip is great for locs and puffs. You’ll be able to wrap the strip around these things perfectly.
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