SWB Ingredients Review: Eden BodyWorks


This Brand has been assessed under the SWB Principles & Values (SWBPV) Criteria

Eden BodyWorks (EBW) was created by Butterfly Jasmine Lawrence, who at age 11 decided she would seek out her own hair products due to being frustrated by her hair’s condition. By age 13 Butterfly Jasmine released the EBW’s product line, formulated out of all natural alternatives that would prove to not only solve her hair problems, but many naturals just like her.

Eden BodyWorks mission is to provide natural products that integrate wellness and beauty inspired by nature to restore and maintain the hair and body’s original design ( Text taken from the Eden BodyWorks website).

The Eden BodyWorks promise for their hair products is refrain from the following:

  • Sodium Sulfates
  • Petrolatum
  • Mineral Oil

Eden BodyWorks product line stands behind the idea the products strengthen and repair all hair textures – whether relaxed, natural, or somewhere in between. Adhering to even those transitioning.

Photo Credit: www.edenbodyworks.com

Eden BodyWorks was reviewed based on the SWB Principles & Values (SWBPV) criteria. Please see Shea Moisture SWB Principles and Values results below:

  1. African-American Business: Yes
  2. What line promotes: To strengthen and repair all hair textures
  3. Top 5 ingredients natural: Yes
  4. Product Line All Natural: NMT 3-5 ingredients synthetic
  5. Sanitation: Packaging/Mixing in sterile environment
  6. Price Point: Fair/Justified based on quality
  7. Discounts/Loyalty Programs: Yes via Sally’s Beauty Supply
  8. Community Involvement and Support: Involved
  9. Engagement with Customers Socially: Engaged & Responsive
  10. Social Network Positivity Rating: Very Positive & Uplifting

SWB Hair CardMy experience with Eden BodyWorks has been over the span of 4 years. I’ve been a paying customer since 2011 after attending an Eden BodyWorks tour in DC. I got a chance to meet Butterfly Jasmine, while attending the event with Butterfly Pamela of Koils by Nature. The Peppermint collection was just rolling out and they were giving away free products. I ended up snagging the peppermint Shampoo and thought it was worth a try. Oh Baby, was it. Check out my experience and how I use each product. All thoughts you read are my own. But before you read anything further, check out my SWB Hair Card. This is a quick snapshot of my hair, I call her Jazzy “Oh So Sassy”, but just Jazzy for short. Ok let’s get on to the #SWBIR.

My Experience Using Shampoo: Let’s get into this Shampoo. I use this shampoo as my dry shampoo and my wet wash shampoo. My scalp thanks me every time I use it. The peppermint and tea tree added into this shampoo really do your hair justice during the shampoo phase. I have nothing but good experiences using the shampoo. My scalp literally awakens at first drop and I feel the peppermint and tea tree oil breaking through the product. The tingles from the peppermint always make me feel like the shampoo is working. The shampoo has a really good sud agent so I never feel like I need to use a lot of the product. I’m always kicking myself when I put too much on my hands because as I said, the suds are the truth. A real dime size is all I’ve ever needed per section.

How I apply it: I apply the shampoo at the root, then down my hair shaft. I like to run the product down my hair to extract the dirt, dust, and product buildup without tangling my strands. This shampoo is the only shampoo I like to do my dry shampoo with, it really gets to my scalp and with the added peppermint and tea tree oil it proves to be an added benefit when completing the dry shampoo. My scalp is always clean.

My Experience Using Conditioner: My first initial reaction of the peppermint tea tree conditioner was good. Jazzy seemed to respond well to it and I liked the same tingles happening in the conditioner as I felt from the shampoo. I used the conditioner an entire year before Jazzy said she was done responding to it. I remained committed to using it because I wanted to try out the entire line but traded my conditioner for Koils by Nature’s Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner as my all season conditioner. That happens sometimes, your hair will wake up and be on a while new leaf, but hey it’s up to me to listen to her and modify the product as I see fit.

How I apply it: I apply the conditioner onto my hair and allow it to sit for 15 minutes under a plastic cap. Once I remove the cap my hair is detangled.

My Experience Using Deep Conditioner: 

The Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner is my babylove.  I use this deep conditioner after every wash. It is very rare that I skip my deep condition. I use this deep conditioner faithfully and incorporate the hooded dryer for deeper penetration. What I really like about this deep conditioner is that it glides well on my hair. I can detangle with it on my hair and it doesn’t take long to rinse out.

How I apply it:  After I’ve applied my conditioner and rinse it out, I apply the Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner, a plastic cap, and sit under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes. I rinse out with cold water and get to styling.

My Experience Using Styling Cream: The Coconut Shea Curl Defining Cream is my cream I use for the Spring and Summer seasons. It’s so important to know what product to switch in place for one another during a season change. This styling cream comes in and saves Jazzy’s life as a light cream to be applied and keep my forehead from being greasy. I don’t experience buildup from using this styling cream to re-twist my hair during the workweek and love the smell. I tend to use this cream more when I’m doing two-strand twist outs and stay away from it during the Winter season. Jazzy is more of a butter type during colder months so I know when to switch it up.

How I apply it:   I apply the styling cream to my hair wet or dry. If I apply it to dry hair, I always spray a little water on my hair before using it. I’ve been able to apply this cream to my hair for 5 days straight and not experience product buildup.

Overall Assessment of Eden BodyWorks:

Eden BodyWorks is the newest product line in my collection. However, it fits very well with my other products. It mixes well and doesn’t offer a new kid on the block ego when using it with other products. As you can see there are 3 official lines within the EBW family; I use a product from each line. I love that the lines are not mutually exclusive to one another. I use EBW as my season switch up when styling and it steps in during the hotter months so I can kick all of my butters to the curb. I like where the line is going because it’s clean and simple. They don’t have a crazy array of products under each line (I swear I have ADD) so it keeps my attention being a well-balanced brand without too many choices per line.

Check out the Full SWB Ingredients Review on Eden BodyWorks and understand what is in the product that you may already be using or after this review will become interested to use.

Click Here for Full SWB Ingredients Review: Eden BodyWorks

Special Note: All thoughts and research have been compiled and completed by SistersWithBeauty Butterfly Ambassadors and HCIC. Various Google searches have been done to complete this review.

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  • April Mckellar

    I had the pleasure of purchasing two products from Edens Body Works last weekend and it was my 1st time trying them. OMG the peppermint hair milk is amazing! I actually prefer to apply it in sections right before I steam my hair with my Q-redew hair steamer. I’m telling you that combo is a match made in heaven! I like the curl defining creme too. I use it for my twist out and I love that it’s a 16oz container.

    I love your review btw.

  • Shari W.V.

    I really love the ingredients for the All Natural Defining Creme, which include avocado oil and jojoba oil these ingredients will help my natural hair journey by strengthening, protecting and moisturizing my hair while preventing breakage and giving my hair shine. I have been really rough on my hair and have experienced some unnecessary breakage that I hope I can repair when I win these products. I know that by using these products I am doing everything I can to ensure that my hair gets as healthy as possible. Since hair that breaks doesn’t retain length, I like knowing that these two ingredients of the avocado oil and jojoba oil will help me to grow longer, stronger healthier, shiny hair.

    • YOU ARE THE WINNER of the SWB Ingredients Review: Eden BodyWorks CONTEST. Thanks so much for reading the review and for leaving a comment. Your comment was amazing and truly helped Eden BodyWorks know exactly why their product would help you.

      Please reply to your email to claim your prize.

      THANK YOU..:)

      • Shari W.V.

        Thanks so much, I am beyond grateful. Yay me

  • De’Nita Moss

    I think the ingredients that will most help me in my natural hair journey are water and any aloe components (aloe vera, aloe leaf juice), which are found in all of the products. I think these two are great ingredients and are extremely moisturizing. I enjoy the oils and all else that’s included to make up these products but those two are most appealing. Water is the most moisturizing and is always needed in a natural’s hair journey – it’s primary and paramount! I’m @trinityizreal on Instagram! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve tried the shampoo/conditioner/hair milk from the peppermint & tea tree line – I enjoyed my experience and have yet to try any of the other lines!

    • Thanks so much for entering the SWBIR Comment Contest. Please check your email..:)

    • Butterfly, thanks so much for entering the SWBIR Comment Contest. Please check your email..:)

  • Pearl Short

    I have seen but have NEVER tried any on the line! I know that Esmerelda loves aloe vera and I believe since all the products are natural I am willing to add it to my regimen. I currently wear a twa with an ombré color, so natural products tend to keep my curls in tact!

    • Thanks Butterfly for entering the SWBIR Comment Contest. Please check your email..:)

  • Nicole B

    OMG!! I am a peppermint oil addict so this review has opened my eyes to a new product line that I must try. After reading the review for all of Eden products I know that water soluble products are a MUST and the mere mention of the different oils will feed my (hair oil)addiction. I love the fact that the curling crème and the deep conditioning treatment have coconut oil/milk, jojoba, sweet almond and castor oil as ingredients. I always wanted to try these different oils but can’t seem to break away from my addiction of peppermint and olive oil. So to get all of this mix in one….I’M SOLD!!
    I know my hair will thrive from the oils mention in the product because I have very dry scalp and my hair just like to stay dry. My hair is a brush fire waiting to happen on top of my head. Since using peppermint, castor, and olive oil I noticed that I don’t have dandruff and my hair is pretty moisturized. So I know the additional oils listed in the Eden products will make my hair flourish. It’s good to see that the majority of these oils are mixed into this product and I don’t have to make my own concoction in the bathroom. I am eager to try this product based on this helpful review. I look forward to future reviews especially on wash and gos *hint**hint* I have yet to perfect and define my curls..

    • Thanks so much for entering the SWBIR Comment Contest. Please check your email..:) Thanks so much for entering.