SWB Ingredients Review: Koils By Nature


This Brand has been assessed under the SWB Principles & Values (SWBPV) Criteria

Koils By Nature (KBN) was founded in 2009 by Pamela S. Jenkins; a native of Beaufort, South Carolina. Pamela’s goal is stated on Koils By Nature as wanting to provide her customers with exceptional, high quality, all natural hair and skin products.

The KBN promise is to stay away from products known to damage and hinder natural hair such as (This list was taken directly from the Koils by Nature website):

  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mineral Oil
  • PBA
  • Petroleum
  • Paraffin DEA
  • Synthetic Color
  • Animal products

Koils By Nature was reviewed based on the SWB Principles & Values (SWBPV) criteria. Please see Koils By Nature SWB Principles and Values results below:

  1. African-American Business: Yes
  2. What line promotes: Beauty, Natural, Healthy Lifestyle, Woman Empowerment, Positivity
  3. Top 5 ingredients natural: Yes
  4. Product Line All Natural: All Natural ingredients found/listed
  5. Sanitation: Packaging/Mixing in pristine sterile environment
  6. Price Point: Fair/Justified based on quality
  7. Discounts/Loyalty Programs: Yes
  8. Community Involvement and Support: Highly Involved & Supportive
  9. Engagement with Customers Socially: Highly Engaged
  10. Social Network Positivity Rating: Very Positive

My experience with Koils by Nature has been over the span of 4 years. I’ve been a paying customer since inception of my first purchase in 2011. All ideas and what I think have been from me paying my chips for each bottle of product. I’ve been loyal to using the Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, and Body Butter. Check out my experience and how I use each product. All thoughts you read are my own. But before you read anything further, check out my SWB Hair Card. This is a quick snapshot of my hair, I call her Jazzy “Oh So Sassy”, but just Jazzy for short. Ok let’s get on to the #SWBIR.

My Experience Using Shampoo: I stumbled upon this shampoo after being a customer for a year. I was intrigued because it was in a foam bottle and that seemed to be different from all my other shampoos, so I tried it out. When I used it I liked the clarifying action it gave my hair. From my first use Jazzy screamed all clean and gave off that sound hair makes when it’s free of product buildup. Although this product isn’t heavily talked about by naturals or the brand that often, I think it’s a great shampoo to have in your collection. It’s left my hair with an assurance of cleanliness and my childish side loves the foam bottle. Aside from digging deep into why this product is such a great buy, I like how my hair responds to it, and that’s the most important aspect for Jazzy and me.

How I apply it: I apply the shampoo at the root, then down my hair shaft. I like to run the product down my hair to extract the dirt, dust, and product buildup without tangling my strands. I wash my hair twice and ensure I pay special attention to my scalp more intently during the second wash.

My Experience Using Conditioner: I fell into the hype and bought this product 3 years ago. While getting my hair done in my Aunt Veola’s salon (Do You Naturally) she used the product on my hair and I liked my initial results. After a few washes with a sample bottle, I finally purchased my own and fell into a condition crack coma. Jazzy knows a good conditioner when it touches her. My experience in using this one product made me a customer of the other products from this brand. In the beginning I didn’t know why it worked, truth be told, I didn’t even care. After digging into the ingredients I now know it’s the Aloe Barbadensis, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, and D-Panthenol, that makes this product function at an exceptional level.

How I apply it: I apply the conditioner onto my hair and allow it to sit for 15 minutes under a plastic cap. Once I remove the cap my hair surrenders to the detangling properties from the Behentrimonium Methosulfate. I’m able to easily detangle my hair with little to no issues.

My Experience Using Leave-in Conditioner: By the time I had my hands around this bottle I needed no convincing. This product is basically what makes this brand stand out. It has been seen on Essence, Naturally Curly, and Textured Media to name a few and has been reviewed on various YouTube Channels. This is Jazzy’s only leave-in product. I switch up my other products depending on the weather, style, and my mood, but I always and I mean always use this leave-in to seal the deal.

How I apply it: I apply a dime size to each section of my hair. After I apply, I run the comb through each section to ensure the product has been evenly distributed.

My Experience Using Body Butter: I use this butter in the winter. Jazzy responds best to butters in the winter as the coating is needed to ensure she is moisturized and ready for Jack Frost. I was gifted a butter in one of my shipments from KBN and I was surely thankful. I settled in on the Marvelous Mango scent and the rest was history. This product isn’t greasy and Jazzy responds great to the consistency, wet or dry. I don’t use the butter during the warmer months because Jazzy requires lighter products in cream form during the hotter seasons.

How I apply it: I apply the butter to my hair wet or dry. If I apply it to dry hair, I always spray a little water on my hair before using it. I find that it helps the butter slide and absorbs better with a little water when my hair is dry.

Overall Assessment of Koils By Nature: This brand is the blueprint in regards to what and how a natural hair product brand should be. KBN sets the standard, meets it, and continues to raise the bar in what you should expect from your natural hair product distributer. As a customer I’ve been satisfied with my results, service, and engagement.

This brand and the owner do more than just make hair products. Koils By Nature is a lifestyle and SistersWithBeauty approves and encourages those looking for home hair care and a product line to try Koils By Nature. But first, learn more about KBN by continuing to read this review.

Please check out the Full SWB Ingredients Review on Koils By Nature and understand what is in the product that you may already be using or after this review will become interested to use.

Click Here for Full SWB Ingredients Review: Koils By Nature

Special Note: All thoughts and research have been compiled and completed by SistersWithBeauty Butterfly Ambassadors and HCIC. Various Google searches have been done to complete this review.

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  • Erika

    Thank you. I thought this review was very informative. I have been natural for five years but in the past two years started wearing and loving my moody hair. My hair is fine and I’m still trying to find the right products. Veola (Do You Naturally) has loved on my hair also. Her leave in so far is working and not weighing my hair down.Your review gave me a product I can try and feel informed and confident.

    • Aunt Veola – Do You Naturally

      Thanks so much Erika. I’m happy that you like it.

  • Aunt Veola – Do You Naturally

    Proud of you niece. Love me some Pam and Koils by Nature. Keep Rising! Love you!

  • Charletta

    Wow!!!!!! I have never seen a review so thoroughly put together and the breaking down of each ingredient and where it could be found is something unique and different. Most reviews just scratch the surface of the product by you stepped outside the box and went to the next level. Now I fully understand why we did that research on ingredients assignment. It all has come full circle and this review will definitely make people ingredients conscious and take it a step further in researching and knowing where each ingredient is from and where it is found in. Excellent job HCIC!!!!

  • Shadae

    I have never read anything that has been so wonderfully executed. I’ve read products reviews before but nothing that goes in depth of how you apply it, if they engage with you socially, and WHY the products work the way they do! This was beyond informative! I’m in awe to be honest and I cannot wait to see what else is on this list!

  • XtremelyFab81

    I absolutely APPRECIATE this review! Oftentimes, you’ll see a review of an entire product only, but never a breakdown of the INGREDIENTS in the products. It really is an eye opener as to what we are applying to our hair. Thank you SWB! The best part about it, MY stylist (Do You Naturally-Veola) and one of my favorite product lines are both in this post! Yes!

  • Daffenie

    Let me just say as a product junkie, this review was the best I have ever seen! I loved it! From the application and usage of the product to the ingredients was Amazing!! I can’t wait for the next product review, but in the meantime, I have some products to purchase. Thank you SWB

  • Allison

    Excellent review!! Extremely well written and informative (and entertaining as a bonus). From now on, I will check with SWB first before spending my money and time on products for myself and my daughter. And right now, I’m going to try this one. Every natural hair brand company (who has a good product) should do themselves a favor and market to SWB.