SWB Ingredients Review: Shea Moisture

Shea Moistures OVERVIEW

Are you currently using any of the products listed in the SWB Ingredients Review for Shea Moisture? If so, share your experience with us. How do you feel about the company and the products? Do you feel you’ve gotten favorable results from the products and the brand? Speak on it. Tell us how you really feel.

If you’ve never used Shea Moisture, check them out. Visit Shea Moisture and tell them that SistersWithBeauty sent you.

Stay tuned, the next SWB Ingredients Review will post on Mar 9, 2014. We have 1 more Brand to review for 2015.

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  • Ronnie

    Great review Diana…. I love Shea Moisture’s products.. and I use them on my hair and my girls too.

    • Thanks so much for reading Butterfly.. Shea Moisture has always had a special place in Jazzy’s heart… Considering they were the first to touch her, she goes Shea hard..:)

  • Daffenie

    Great review! I love Shea Moisture as well!

  • tishushu

    This was awesome. I am a die hard Shea Moisture fan. I love their Raw Shea Butter Line (gold) and the African Black Soap Line (black) the most. The new Manuka Honey one is also really nice… But I swear the Purification Masque in the African Black Soap line is the truth, the way, and the light…

    • Thanks so much for reading Butterfly..:) truly appreciate you. We hold many of the same feelings.. the way and the light..:)