SWB Wash Day Regimen

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  • Trisha

    Definitely trying this tonight. Already with the shampoo sitting on my scalp, I do feel like it’s penetrating. #hhc at it’s finest.

    • awesome.. BUTTEFLY..:) Be sure to report back on how your hair feels..:) would love to know what you think of the SWB Wash Day Regimen..:)

  • XtremelyFab81

    Quick question. I see that you part your hair in sections when you wash. Do you rinse your entire had at once or just a section at a time? I’ve tried a section at a time and it was a tad bit difficult for me. Just thought I’d ask considering the fact I’ve been using your dry shampoo regimen for a while now. Thanks!

    • Butterfly… I rinse per section and wash per section. I don’t do anything with my hair as a collective as far as washing goes. I’ve also done only 3 parts as well as my hair has grown and I tend to like that parting style even better.

  • Guest

    I’ve done a little experiment with this method. Normally, I’m a person who requires a little oil on my scalp, as it becomes slightly itchy. I transitioned away from a relaxer once before, and during that time, I washed my hair every 4 days. The need for scalp oil was practically eliminated. I had forgotten the feeling of not needing scalp oil until this method. But that was only a secondary benefit.

    After trying seamless combs (which definitely helped decrease the amount of hair I saw in the comb), I still felt that I had “too much” hair that I loss on wash day. Throughout my search to keep hair on my head, I looked in to the pressure that I used (i.e. being too heavy handed), how I put products on my hair — basically every step of the process.

    Switching to the method DRamz explained in her vid brought a significant difference to the hair I saw in the comb/sink (avid sink washer here!). It’s been decreased 50-70%! I know, you might feel like I’m exaggerating, but as an engineer I take pride in giving fair estimates.

    Try it for yourself. If you’re like me — it will save you time AND hair.

    • Trisha

      Sorry — I didn’t log in — I’m following up from my earlier comment — I’m Trisha.

    • Your comment was truly inspiring…Thank you for being so interested in trying something different and reporting back to SWB. Your comment truly put a smile on my face and I THANK YOU 1 MILLION Curls for your honesty and feedback.. #TruthDontLie ..:) your comment was right on time.

  • Starr Breezy

    What are you dipping your fingers into as you dry detangle???

    • Hey Butterfly Starr, i’m not dipping my fingers into anything. I’m getting the shed hair off of my fingers by placing it all in the sink..:) Thanks for watching.. be sure to report back what you think about the SWB Wash Day Regimen ..:)

  • Pearl Short

    Do you have these steps some where in your blog?

  • Deanine

    Today is the second time I followed the hair wash regimen and the results have been amazing. I use to suffer with frequent dry scalp but since I started the regimen I’ve noticed a change. My hair feels soft and moisturized longer than before, I also noticed less shedding. Thanks SWB. I look forward to my next wash day.