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I think we need to celebrate being SINGLE, FREE & BLACK, more. If  you are one that does, it seems as if we are all talking too low, celebrating in silence, or being drowned out completely.  I sat back wondering why my lifestyle wasn’t heavily represented online and it seems I’m part of the problem. Single people don’t share their happy moments with the world enough for people to 1. Care to comment or 2. We live so privately many of our moments are shared just the same, in private. When I scroll down my timeline, I only see happiness that can be summed up into two categories:

  1. Being married (or engaged)
  2. Being a parent

I want us to add to the happiness narrative, it isn’t just for those living what many consider a “grown up” existence with wedding plans, a significant other, a child, and the family dog.

When we see others advertising this part of their lives, you’ll also see comments that range from:

– I wish I could find someone who could make me happy like you two

– #RelationshipGoals, #LoveGoals, #IWantYallLifeGoals, #WhereIsMyManGodGoals

I’m not one to rain on a parade, but nothing makes someone getting married or having a child more happier or fuller than you? In the days of showing your happiness on every social network, I want to simply say, single people are out here living their best lives too.

so live your life: SINGLE, FREE & BLACK

Let’s start a SINGLE | FREE & BLACK movement, where we spend our days posting amazing life moments, living our best life and showing the world how much we enjoy our status. Here is a SINGLE | FREE & BLACK moment that I never shared. A group of my friends and I enjoying a Caribbean Festival in DC. We had so much fun just being outside and around great food and music, but did I post the pictures? No, shame on me for not adding perfect imagery to the conversation.

single free and black


single free and black 4

Don’t just live your life full of candid moments, share them too. Use the hashtag #SingeFreeBlack to share your amazing life moments, can’t wait to see them.

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